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Department of Laws, Regulations, and Standards
Source: Department of International Cooperation2018-11-30
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Establish and improve the framework of ecological and environmental laws, regulations and standards; Draft the general laws, regulations and departmental rules; Coordinate, review and submit for approval specific laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules within the ecology and environment sector; Contribute opinions regarding the ecological and environmental impact of drafted laws and administrative regulations that are delivered to the Ministry; Review and audit the legitimacy of the Ministry’s regulatory documents, coordinating the removal of laws, regulations, departmental rules and regulatory documents that are no longer relevant; Assess relevant laws and regulations; Guide the work administration’s work by law, popularize awareness of the law, and steer local legislations; Provide guidance for reforming the system of ecological and environmental damage compensation; Support the NGOs and relevant government departments in filing public interest litigations in the ecological and environmental sector; Administer the Ministry’s legal counseling and the national legislations that correspond to international conventions; Interpret relevant laws, regulations and departmental rules and work with judicial organs to provide judicial interpretations; Organize the Ministry’s administrative review, administrative response to lawsuits, and state compensations; Administer the ecological and environmental national standards, benchmarks and technical specifications, draft relevant programs, plans, administrative measures and standard-setting technical codes; Propose, coordinate and review national standards and submit them for approval; Formulate fundamental standards and ecological and environmental benchmarks, assess the execution of the national standards, accept record-filing of local standards; Coordinate work related to health and the environment, establishing a system for monitoring, investigating and the risk assessment of health and the environment.