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The MEE Committee of the Communist Party of China

(1) Functions 

Carry out the CPC work along with non-party member related work of the Ministry, its Beijing-based regional offices, and affiliated institutions; Responsible for the political, ideological, organizational, work style, disciplinary, and institutional improvement of the CPC; Maintain political security and stability; Assist the Leading Party Members’ Group in providing services for democratic discussion meetings and theoretical studies for the Group’s core members; Coordinate work related to Party style improvement, clean government buildings, and the establishment of preventive and punitive systems in the ecological and environmental sector in China; Lead Beijing-based regional offices and affiliated institutions in their Party style improvement and clean government building while also providing guidance for such work in China’s ecological and environmental sector; Accept and process reports, accusations, complaints and appeals against the Ministry’s subordinate Party organizations and members for breaches of Party discipline; Investigate cases concerning the breach of Party discipline by organizations and members in the Ministry’s internal departments, Beijing-based regional offices, and affiliated institutions; Lead the internal departments, Beijing-based regional offices, and affiliated institutions in working with labor unions, the communist youth leagues, the women’s committees, and non-party member organizations and groups; Provide guidance in the ideological and ethical progress of the ecological and environmental protection sector; Responsible for united front work. 

(2) Divisions 

a. Office of General Affairs (Division of Publicity) 

b. Division of Organization 

c. Division of United Front and Non-party Members Organizations 

d. Office of Audit and Supervision (Office of Disciplinary Review) 

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