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Li Ganjie meets with President of the World Economic Forum
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Minister Li Ganjie met with Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum in Beijing on Thursday. The two sides exchanged views on the cooperation in the ecological and environmental protection field.

Minister Li congratulated Mr. Brende on his new capacity as President of the World Economic Forum and introduced the progress made by China in the ecological and environmental protection. The new Ministry of Ecology and Environment established by the Chinese Government has integrated the original functions of the former MEP with some functions of six other State departments, to protect the environment and oversee and conduct compliance inspection on all sorts of pollutants in the urban and rural areas. Also, by 2020 China will have fought against pollution, successfully protected the blue sky, vigorously protected the waters, made solid progress in protecting the soils, and comprehensively improved the ecological and environmental quality. We will have gained multiple wins in the economic, social, and environmental dimensions through the protection of the environment which leads to better industrial structure, higher-quality development, and more social harmony and stability.

Li looked forward to the 2018 Summer Davos Forum Mr. Brende invited him to and the green belt and road meetings on the sideline of the forum. The belt and road initiative is a public goods exported by China to the world. The MEE is dedicated to the ecological and environmental cooperation under this initiative and well prepared to set up the international coalition for green development on the belt and road. He hoped that the two sides would closer bilateral ties, advance the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development agenda, and realize green, coordinated, and sustainable development.

The COP 15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity will be hosted in China, and Li hoped that the World Economic Forum would play a part and discuss how to establish an effective mechanism for the business circle to be part of the biodiversity conservation efforts.

Mr. Brende congratulated Li on the foundation of the new Ministry. He spoke highly of the strong measures taken by China in the ecological and environmental sector, and shared the progress made by the World Economic Forum in low-carbon economy and green development over the past few years. Mr. Brende hoped the two sides would further cooperation in the areas of biodiversity conservation, marine environment protection, and climate change response.