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The 10th China Environment Award inaugurated in Beijing
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The inauguration ceremony of the 10th China Environment Award was held in Beijing on Oct. 10, under the theme “The Rise of Ecology Leads to the Rise of Civilization”. The Secretariat of the Organization Committee of the award is open to application by all walks of life until Jan. 10, 2018.

Chairman of the Organization Committee Qu Geping, Member of the NPC Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee Pu Changcheng, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Zhao Yingmin, Academician with Chinese Academy of Engineering and Distinguished Professor with Ministry of Education Hao Jiming, and former Vice Minister of State Environment Protection Administration Wang Yuqing presented and spoke at the ceremony. Participants also included the delegates representing the member organizations of the organization committee, the previous winners, and the media outlets.

At the inauguration ceremony, Vice Minister Zhao Yingmin said that since the 18th National Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has incorporated ecological civilization into the five-sphere integrated plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy. The inter-congress years mark a period when China has developed the deepest awareness on building ecological civilization and protecting the ecological environment and taken the most powerful, practical, efficient and effective measures for it. MEP has always supported the appraisal of China Environment Award, commended the exemplary role models, disseminated the positive energy, and played an important role in facilitating the interactions between the government and the general public, and shaping a framework of synergic governance.

The timing for the inauguration of the award on the eve of the victorious opening of the 19th National Congress is of great significance. He hoped that every one takes the initiative to personally apply for or recommend the candidates for this year’s award, find out the exemplary role models who have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection, tell the stories, and contribute greater to the development of ecological civilization concepts in the whole society.

In his speech, Chairman of the Organization Committee Qu Geping said China has taken environmental protection as a major project about people’s livelihood and regarded sound ecological environment as the most universal public wellbeing, treated the pollution vigorously, introduced relevant institutions, and tightened the regulation and enforcement. All these plans and measures have demonstrated that the environmental protection in China is neither a lip service any more nor an individual-soldier combat. It is a cause participated by all. As the first and the highest civil award in the environmental sector in China, China Environment Award aims to commend and disseminate the good deeds for protecting the environment, and guide and encourage the public participation in the process.

The award was appraised under the guidance of the Organization Committee which is composed of nine member organizations including the NPC Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee, CPPCC Subcommittee of Population, Resources and Environment, Ministry of Education, MEP, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Central Committee of Communist Youth League, All-China Women's Federation, and China Environmental Protection Foundation. The award is appraised every other year and honors at most five winners for each of the five fields, i.e., urban environment, environmental management, enterprise environmental protection, ecological conservation, and environmental awareness and education. The award goes to at most one winner and values at 500,000 yuan and the rest are honors for excellence, each worth 100,000 yuan.

The application and recommendation deadline is Jan. 10, 2018. You may search and download the application notice, recommendation form and application form on or, or contact directly with the Secretariat of the Organization Committee.

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