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Calendar in July 2002

On July 3, the First New Century Provincial Environmental Protection Conference was held in Fujian Province.

On July 4, the First Sino-Korea Investment Forum on Environmental Protection Industries inaugurated in Beijing.

On July 11, the First National Senior Seminar for Provincial Level Deputy Bureau-directors in Environmental Protection System was held in Beidaihe.

On July 12, e-documents long distance transmission system was put into use in environmental protection system.

On July 18, the 2nd meeting of leading group for water pollution prevention and control in Three-gorges reservior was held in Beijing.

On July 19, the Awarding Ceremony of "Striving for Being Little Environmental Guards" and Starting Ceremony of "Summer Camp for Chinese Little Environmental Guards to Japan" were held in Beijing, which were jointly organized by SEPA, Ministry of Education and National Children's Work Coordination Committee.

On July 23, the First Youth Expert Forum on eco-economy in China was held in Dongying, Shandong Province.

On July 29, Sino-US Senior Ronud-table Conference on the Cooperation Project of Industry Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency was held in Beijing. 

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