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Calendar in September 2003

On Sept 1, "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Environmental Impact Assessment" came into effect.

On Sept 1, a ceremony for the start-up of the first National Integrated Hazardous Wastes Disposal and Treatment Center was held in Tianjin. Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA and Dai Xianglong, mayor of Tianjin Municipality delivered speeches on the ceremony.

From August 31 to Sept 4, Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA was invited to have a formal visit to Egypt. They held discussions on the common concerned environmental issues and would conduct cooperation on management of solid wastes, climate change, environmental technology on eco-agriculture. In addition, they signed "Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Protection between the People's Republic of China and the Arab Republic of Egypt"

On Sept 8-9, the 5th World Parks Congress was held in Durban, South Africa. Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA attended the meeting leading a Chinese delegation. He delivered a speech titled "Reserves Crucial to Sustainable Development and Our Future--Practice in China".

From August 31 to Sept 12, Environment Minister David Anderson of Canada was invited to have a friendly visit to China. On Sept 2, Minister Anderson and Minister Xie of SEPA renewed "Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Protection between the People's Republic of China and Canada". They also exchanged views on sustainable development, environment and trade, roles of UNEP, mercury pollution, electronic wastes and global observation and other issues.

On Sept 15, the ninth group of accredited units for operational liscences of environmental protection facilities were announced by SEPA [Reference No.149 (2003)].

On Sept 16, a prize awarding ceremony for the first "Contribution Award on Ozone Layer Protection" sponsored by SEPA was held in Beijing. Minister Xie Zhenhua, Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA and representatives of UNEP Ozone Secretariat and the Secretariat of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol and etc. issued special golden awards to individules and collectives. The former Vice Minister Wang Yangzu of SEPA was one of the recipients of the UNEP National Ozone Individual Award.

On Sept 17, Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA signed the 17th decree of SEPA to issue "Regulations on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances" which would take effect on Oct 15, 2003.

On Sept 19, Mr Toepfer and Environment Minister Xie Zhenhua chaired the first Asia-Pacific Sub-Regional Environmental Policy Dialogue, a roundtable meeting attended by ministers and eminent persons in the environment field and designed to provide UNEP with feedback on critical emerging issues and perspectives in the region.

On Sept 19, the United Nations Environment Programme today opened an office in Beijing, China. Dr. Klaus Toepfer, UNEP's Executive Director and Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA attended the inaugural meeting.

On Sept 22, "Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Paper Industry" was issued by SEPA [Reference No.152 (2003)].

On Sept 22, Anhui Province was approved of being placed in the list of national ecological construction pilot provinces by SEPA [Correspondence No.260 (2003)].

On Sept 23, the catalogue of chemical substances produced and imported in the People's Republic of China was promulgated by SEPA [Correspondence No.263 (2003)].

On Sept 24, SEPA announced to open environmental information of enterprises in the promotion of public supervision on environmental actions of enterprises based on the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Clean Production" [Reference No.156 (2003)].

On Sept 29, "Circular on Strengthening SO2 Pollution Control in Coal-fired Power Plants" was issued jointly by SEPA and State Development and Reforming Commission [Reference No.159 (2003)].

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