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Calendar in October 2003

On Oct 8, Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA signed the 18th decree of SEPA to issue "Measures for Reviewing Written Reports on Environmental Impact of Special Planning".

On Oct 8, Mercuric Sulphide was listed in the "Catalogue of Toxic Chemicals Prohibited or Strictly Controlled" , announced by SEPA [Reference No.166 (2003)].

On Oct 9, "Technical Policy for Discarded Batteries Pollution Prevention" [Reference No.163 (2003)] was issued jointly by SEPA, State Development and Reforming Commission, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce.

On Oct 10, the Second China Environment Prize Awarding Ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People. Ji Kunsen, Deputy Director of Standing COmmittee of An Hui Provincial People's Congress, Ma Ronghua, Secretary of the Ezhou Municipal Party Committee of Hubei Province and Green Power of Hongkong were honorably awarded China Environment Prize. There were other 8 individules including Qian Yi and 2 collectives won the nomination. 

On Oct 13, "The Outline of Overall Plan for Ecological Province Construction of Anhui" passed through the experts' appraisal in Beijing.

On Oct 13, the recommended units list (second group) for programming environmental impact assessment was announced by SEPA [Reference No.169 (2003)].

On Oct 15, Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA, visited Italy upon the invitation of Altero Matteoli, Italian Minister of Environment and Territories. He met with and had a talk with Minister Altero Matteoli. They exchanged ideas concerning environmental cooperation between the two countries and both believed that it was necessary to strengthen such cooperation. 

On Oct 16-22, Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA, visited France upon the invitation of Mrs. Roselyne Bachelot, French Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development. During his stay, Xie had working conferences with Mrs. Roselyne Bachelot and Tokia Saifi, French Secretary of State for Sustainable Development. They exchanged ideas concerning environmental legislation, water environment protection, environmental industry, dangerous waste disposal and nuclear safety.

On Oct 23, SEPA and the Follow-up Action Committee of the Forum on Sino-African Cooperation cosponsored a series of activities of "Environmental Protection in China Oriented towards Africa" in Beijing. Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA attended and addressed the meeting.41 african envoys in China took part in the activities.

On Oct 24-25, 2003 National Working Conference on Natural Conservancy presided by Zhu Guangyao, vice minister of SEPA was convened in Changchun. Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA and Hong Hu, governor of Jilin Province delievered important speeches on the meeting.

On Oct 25, the Second Member Congress of China Environmental Culture Promotion Association was held in Beijing. Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA addressed the meeting. Pan Yue, vice minister of SEPA was elected as the chairman of China Environmental Culture Promotion Association in a new term. 11 vice chairmen including Chen Jiangong and council and permanent council consistiting of over 300 celebrities and experts including Song Zuying of various circles were as well as elected. In addition, SEPA was to appoint Feng Gong and other nine persons as "Environmental  Ambassador".

On Oct 25, the 1st Green China Forum was held in Beijing with attendance of Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA. Zhao Zhongxiang, senior host of CCTV and other 10 famous experts and scholars in academia made dissertations on the meeting.

On Oct 27, it was declared that Xie Zhenhua, minister of State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA), and Dener Jose Giovanini of Brazil, founder of the National Network for Combating Wild Animal Trafficking (RENCTAS) were selected as co-winners of the UNEP Sasakawa Environmental Prize .

From Oct 29 to Nov 1, the 2nd Meeting of the 3rd Phase of CCICED was convened in Beijing. Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister and Zeng Peiyan, Vice Prime Minister of the State Council, presented themselves and addressed the meeting respectively. 

On Oct 29, an awarding ceremony of the Award for International Cooperation on Environmental Protection was held in Beijing. Sir Crispin Tickell, Chancellor of the University of Kent at Canterbury, President Emeritus of the Climate Institute, Washington DC, and Chairman of the Advisory Committee on the Environment of the International Council for Science and other three people won the awards. Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA presented awards to the winners. On Oct 30, Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA met with Borge Brende, environment minister of Norway and his delegation on invitation in Beijing. They exchanged views concerning consolidation of bilateral cooperation and development of cooperative fields.

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