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Calendar in January 2004

On Jan 2, SEPA decided to conduct experiments on pollution discharge permit in Shenyang (Liaoning Province), Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province), Wuhan (Hubei Province), Shenzhen (Guangdong Province) and Yinchuan (Ningxia Autonomous Region)[Correspondance No. 5(2004)].

On Jan 6-8, the National Supervision and Management Conference on Nuclear and Radiation Safety was held in Beijing, which summarized achievements and experience on this field and analyzed new situtations and tasks it will face. 

On Jan 8, the First National Eco-Province Construction Forum was held in Ha'erbin, Heilongjiang Province.

On Jan 11, the Second "Green China" Forum was held in Beijing with attendance of over 300 principals from environmental communities of universities and volunteer organizations. Pan Yue, Vice Minister of SEPA, Qiu Xiaohua, Vice Minister of State Statitics Bureau, other experts and scholars made ad hoc speeches on new scientific conception of sustainable development, economic growth and sustainable development and etc.

On Jan 16,  SEPA issued the circular requiring to check and accept standardized construction of national environmental monitoring stations since the beginning of 2004[No. 4 (2004) by the General Office].

On Jan 18, SEPA made the announcement on the issuance of "Technical Standards for Accreditation of Environmental Label Products--Dry-type Electrical Power Transformer"(HBC21-2004)[Reference No.9 (2004)].

On Jan 19,  "Construction Programming of Disposal Facilities for Hazardous Wastes and Medical wastes" [Reference No.16 (2004)]was jointly printed and distributed by SEPA and National Development and Reform Commission.

On Jan 19, SEPA issued "Technical Standards for Engineering Construction of Centralized-Incineration Treatment of Hazardous Wastes"(Tentative) and "Technical Standards for Engineering Construction of Centralized-Incineration Treatment of Medical Wastes"(Tentative)[Reference No.15 (2004)].

On Jan 19, SEPA approved to award "Certificates for Engineering Design of Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control" in B-Level to 137 Institutes [Reference No.14 (2004)].

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