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Calendar in March 2004

On March 1, "The Law of the People's Republic of China on Radioactive Pollution Prevention and Control" and "Proposal on 'Circular on Responsibilities of Security Supervision and Managment Sections on Radioactive Source'" issued by Institution and Establishment Office, CCCPC were printed and distributed by SEPA [Reference No. 34 (2004)].

On March 1-7, Wang Yuqing, vice minister of SEPA, made a friendly visit to Australia and Singapore upon the invitation of Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage and Environmental Ministry of Singapore.

On March 8, Pan Yue, vice minister and spokesman of SEPA stated in press conference that SEPA would take a series of measures to promote development of circular economy and support public participation in environmental protection in order to implement instructions made by vice Premier Zeng Peiyan.

On March 10, Secretary-general Hu Jintao presided over the Central Working Forum on Population, Resources and Environment in 2004.

On March 11-12, the national forum of EPB directors at provicial level was held in Beijing. It summarized activities on environmental protection in 2003 and deployed new tasks on environmental protection in 2004.

On March 15, "Circular on Reducing or Remitting Pollution Discharge Fee on Livestocks and Poultries" was printed and distributed by SEPA [Reference No.43(2004)].

On March 15, "Requirements of Site Selection, Design and Construction Technologies for Radioactive Wastes Storage in the Application of Nuclear Technology (on trial)" was printed and distributed by SEPA [Reference No.46(2004)].

On March 19, SEPA decided to establish the honorable title of "Chinese Environmental Ambassador" in order to raise environmental awareness of citizens and perfect environmental supervision mechanism [Reference No.67(2004)].

On March 25, the State Council Information Office of PRC held press conference. Zhu Guangyao and Wang Jirong, vice ministers of SEPA attended the conference and made reports on the state of the environment 2003.

On March 26, SEPA issued a circular to take an inspection on implementation of six bans in environmental protection system [Reference No.50(2004)].

On March 27, a series of public welfare activities on environmental protection with a theme of "Green China and Green Great Wall" were conducted in Beijing.

On March 29, SEPA decided to conduct monitoring on main pollutants flux in seven major water systems to strengthen total amount control of main pollutants and pollution prevention and control in major water systems [Correspondance No.75(2004)].

On March 29, SEPA issued a circular requiring environmental protection secters at all levels to take active part in the national democratic appraisal for prefessional working style of system [No. 27 (2004) by the General Office].

On March 29-31, the 8th Special Session of the United Nations Environment Programme's Governing Council (GCSS), as well as Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GMEF) were held in Jeju, Korea. The conference deliberated international environmental management, evaluation on environment, action plan of follow up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development and other issues.

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