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Calendar in May 2004

On May 9-10, an On-site Meeting in Key River Basins was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu to promote water pollution prevention and control and supervise and urge realization of goals of water pollution prevention and control in the Tenth Five Year plan.

On May 11-14, "Global H2O Partnership Conference" was held in Cairns, Australia by UNEP and Australian Government. Hundreds of representatives from over 50 countries participated in the meeting.

On May 12, SEPA decided to conduct registration for the 2004 scientific and technological achievement awards on environmental protection projects [No. 43 (2004) by the General Office].

On May 13, SEPA, Ministry of Land and Resources and State Administration of Work Safety were to conduct special law execution inspection on eco-environmental protection of mines [Reference No.77(2004)].

On May 19, "Measures on Permit for Operation of Hazardous Wastes"[Decree No.408 by the State Council] was promulgated by the State Council, which would take effect on July 1, 2004.

On May 20, Summit of Environmental Labelling and Global Green Economy and the Tenth Anniversary of China Environmental Labelling sponsored by SEPA and understaken by China Environmental United Certificates Center (Co., Ltd) was held in Beijing [Reference No.79(2004)].

On May 21, Awarding Ceremony for "Green China--National Environmental Protection Knowledge Contest" was held in Beijing.

On May 21, "Circular on Implementing Revised 'Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for Thermal Power Plants'" was printed and distributed by SEPA [Reference No.82(2004)].

On May 21, SEPA issued the announcement to implement management for production quota permit on methyl bromide [Correspondence No.155 (2004)].

On May 24, vice premier Zeng Peiyan went to Chengdu of Sichuan to condole the victims affected by the Tuojiang River pollution accidents. He emphasized to learn the lessons, strengthen management, eliminate hidden troubles, fulfill liabilities, execute the environmental laws strictly and maintain environmental interests and benefits of public masses earnestly and prevent such similar accidents happening again.

On May 24, Signing Ceremony for Sino-US Commercial & Trade Cooperation Projects on Environmental Protection was held in Beijing.

On May 24, Xie Zhenhua, minister of SEPA and Lin Ruisheng, minister of Environmental and Development Ministry of Singapore signed "Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Cooperation between the State Environmental Protection Administration of the People's Republic of China and the Environmental and Development Ministry of Singapore".

On May 26, Xi'an National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone was approved to be the National Demo-Zone for ISO14000 by SEPA [Correspondence No.160 (2004)].

On May 29, International Environmental Forum on Leapfrogging Development in China sponsored by SEPA was held in Beijing.

On May 31, SEPA made the announcement to issue Four Technical Requirements for Environmental Labelling Products Certification[Reference No.86(2004)].

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