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Calendar in June 2004

On Jun 1, SEPA issued the circular to strengthen pollution prevention and control in the relocation of enterprises [No. 47 (2004) by the General Office].

On Jun 1, the start-up ceremony for "Arrow Cup" Environmental Innovation Contest, aiming to collect creative ideas and inventions on environmental issues from the youth nationwide, was initiated by the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) in Beijing.

On Jun 3, Minister Xie Zhenhua and Vice Minister Wang Jirong of SEPA released the report on State of Environment in 2003 and introduced Chinese marine environmental protection on the press conference by the Information Office of the State Council.

On Jun 3, the awarding ceremony for public welfare advertisement contest as one of "6.5" Wolrd Environment Day commemorative activities was held in Beijing. The June 5 of 2004 is the 33rd World Environment Day. Its theme is "Wanted! Seas and Oceans---- Dead or Alive?". Diversified commemorative activities were conducted in China.

On Jun 5, the start-up ceremony for National Green Community Establishment and On-the-spot Demostration of Green Family was held in Beijing.

On Jun 5, the press conference for "China Youth Century Journey on Environmental Protection" was held in Beijing.

On Jun 11, the ceremony to choose winners by drawing lots for "Sunlight Sengong Cup" Knowledge Contest on Eco-environmental Protection jointly sponsored by Environment and Resources Committee of NPC and Committee of Population, Resources and Environment of CPPCC was held in Beijing.

On Jun 14, "Circular on Speeding up Application and Registration for Pollutants Discharge from Thermal Power Industry" was printed and distributed jointly by SEPA and National Electric Power Supervision and Management Commission [Reference No.89(2004)].

On Jun 15, vice minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA met the delegation led by Ms. Margaret Beckett, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of UK on invitation. They exchanged the views on sustainable production and consumption, land reclamation and mines ecological recovery and etc.

On Jun 17, the Press Conference was jointly held by SEPA and Legal Office of the State Council. Spokesman Pan Yue of SEPA put foward specific requirements for the implementation of "Measures on  the Supervision of Operation Permits for Hazardous Wastes".

On Jun 18, SEPA announced to implement national emission standard for light vehicles in phase II [Reference No.82(2004)].

On Jun 18, "Circular on Trying out 'Expert Database for Inspection of Environmental Impact Assessment'" was printed and distributed by SEPA [No. 56 (2004) by the General Office].

On Jun 18-21, the 12th Asia-Pacific Environmental Conference was held in Tottori City, Japan. Wang Yuqing, vice minister of SEPA attended the meeting with the delegation.

On Jun 22, the Board-awarding Ceremony for National Villages with Beautiful Environment in 2003 was held in Beijing.

On Jun 22, Zhu Guangyao, vice minister of SEPA met the delegation led by Minister of Environment and Water Conservancy of Poland. They exchanged views on environmental policies, management on nature reserves, fund for environmental protection, planting trees and etc.

On Jun 23, Minister Xie Zhenhua signed No. 22 Decree of SEPA to Implement "Interim Measures on Administrative Permission Hearings for Environmental Protection ".

On Jun 28, SEPA printed and distributed "Circular on Further Strengthening Environmental Management in Electrolytic Aluminum Trade" [Reference No.94(2004)].

On Jun 28, "Circular on Printing and Distributing the Third Batch of Cancelled and Adjusted Catalogue for Environmental Administrative Examination and Approval Projects" was printed and distributed by SEPA [Reference No.95(2004)].

On Jun 28, SEPA issued the circular to rectify environmental protection system in unified uniform  [No. 56 (2004) by the General Office].

On Jun 29, the second ministerial joint conference on biological species resources protection was held in Beijing.

On Jun 29, the Start-up Ceremony for Sunlight Plan of "I Love Tibet, Support Tibet" was launched in Beijing.

On Jun 29, SEPA made the official reply on Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region listed in production pilot zones for national organic food [Correspondence No.203 (2004)].

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