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Calendar in November 2004

On Nov 2, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met the delegation led by Mr.Jurgen Trittin, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in Germany. They exchanged views on cooperation in the fields of environmental management, circular economy and sustainable energy and etc.

On Nov 4, the titles of "Excellent Enterprises and Demo Projects on Market-oriented Operation of Environmental Protection Facilities" were conferred on 18 enterprises including Beijing Urban Drainage Group Co., Ltd. and 13 projects including Beijing Qinghe Sewage Disposal Plant respectively by SEPA[Reference No.150(2004)].

On Nov 4, "Major Work in Environmental Monitoring in 2005" was printed and distributed by SEPA[Correspondence No. 389 (2004)].

On Nov 6, China Circular Economy Development Forum jointly sponsored by Committee of Resources and Environment of NPC, State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology and SEPA was convened in Shanghai. "Shanghai Declaration" was approved by the meeting. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan of the State Council and Vice Minister Wang Yuqing of SEPA presented the meeting.

On Nov 7, the awarding ceremony for the Seventh "Dupont Cup" Selection of Good Environmental News hosted by SEPA was held in Beijing. 111 literary works and 20 photograph works were awarded the prizes. CCTV and Xinjiang EPB won the Organization Awards. Vice Minister Pan Yue presented the ceremony and gave out the awards.

On Nov 8, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA signed Decree No.23 of "Measures on the Administration of Qualification Authentication for Operating Environmental Pollution Control Facilities" which would take effect on Dec 10, 2004.

On Nov 9, SEPA conferred the titles of "National Model City for Environmental Protection" on Zhenjiang and Changzhou of Jiangsu Province[Reference No.154 and No.155 (2004)].

On Nov 11, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA signed Decree No.24 of "Measures on the Administration of Recording Local Environmental Quality Standards and Pollutants Discharge Standards" which would take effect on Dec 15, 2004.

On Nov 11,  "Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)" began to come into force in China, which marked China would take every necessary measure to fully implement the convention.

On Nov 11, "Proposal on Implementing 'Circular on Strengthening Protection and Management of Bio-speices Resources' by General Office of the State Council" was printed and distributed by SEPA[Reference No.156(2004)].

On Nov 12, SEPA issued "Measures on Awarding Scientific and Technological Achievements Relating to Environmental Protection" (on trial) which would go into effect since its promulgation[Reference No.157(2004)].

On Nov 15, the National Environmental Science and Technology Working Conference was convened in Beijing. The meeting assigned new working tasks in the near future with the thought of research on environmental science and technology development in new times centering on further promotion of innovation on science and technology and management for environmental protection. Vice Minister Wang Yuqing of SEPA presented and addressed the meeting.

On Nov 16, the board-awarding ceremony for the first group of "National Environment-friendly Enterprises" was held in Beijing. Minister Xie Zhenhua awarded the certificates and boards to the eight enterprises including Bayer (Wuxi) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Vice Minister Wang Jirong and Pan Yue of SEPA also presented the meeting.

On Nov 17, the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress was convened in Bangkok of Thailand. Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA with the Chinese delegation participated in the meeting. During the meeting period, the Chinese Delegation hosted the seminar of "Key Roles of Chinses Nature Reserves in the Sustainable Development Process" with 60 representatives of international organizations attending the seminar. Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao also met UNEP Deputy ED Shafquat Kakahel and other environmental ministers from Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan, India and Laos. Around 6000 professionals on nature conservation from over 80 government delegations participated in the Congress.

On Nov 17, Qingdao Economic and Technical Development Zone (Huangdao District) was approved being the National Demo-zone for ISO14000 by SEPA [Correspondence No. 406 (2004)].

On Nov 20, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met Mr. Liu Xianzhen, former minister of Science and Technology and Environment Ministry of Malaysia. They exchanged views on how to strengthen environmental cooperation and communication between China and Malaysia.

On Nov 20-21, the first national examination for certificates of qualification of registered nuclear safety engineers was conducted in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu with 595 examinees from 26 provinces and municipalities participating.

On Nov 20, the Sixteenth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol was held in Prague of Czech Republic. The meeting mainly discussed issues of the financial mechanism to Montreal Protocol and critical use nominations for Methyl Bromide and etc. Vice Minister Wang Jirong of SEPA presented the meeting with a Chinese delegation.

On Nov 23, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met Mr. Elliot Morley MP, Minister for Environment and Agri-Environment in UK. They conducted further and extensive views exchange on sustainable development, biodiversity and climate change of common concern.

On Nov 27, the Sixteenth Congress of Asia-Pacific Association of Environmental Journalists was held in Shenzhen with participation of journalists, government officials and scholars of all walks of life from 30 countries and regions. Vice Minister Pan Yue of SEPA presented and addressed the meeting. 

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