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Calendar in December 2004

On Dec 3, the ceremony of donation to the Aid-Tibet Fund by the Nationwide Environmental Protection sectors held in Beijing. Vice minister, Pan Yue of SEPA (State Environmental Protection Administration) contributed 6.25 million RMB on behalf of cadres of environmental protection sectors.

On Dec 4-5, China, Japan and Korea held their 6th Tripartite Environment Ministers' Meeting (TEMM) in Tokyo. Minister XIE Zhenhua of the State Environmental Protection Administration of the People's Republic of China, Minister KOIKE Yuriko of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and Minister KWAK Kyul Ho of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea attended the meeting. Then conducted diologues and view exchanges on the progress of their respective environmental policy actions and other regional and global environmental issues. They also signed the "Joint Communique of China-Japan-Korea Tripartite Environment Ministers' Meeting".

On Dec 6, SEPA and the State Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the circular requiring to strengthen classified examination and approval for environmental impact assessment of construction projects [Reference No.164(2004)]. 

On Dec 7, vice minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA met Minister Altero Matteoli of the Italian Environment and Territory Ministry. They agreed to further deepen understanding and explore new cooperative fields. 

On Dec 8, the four national environmental protection standards including "Concentration Criterion of Pollutants in Atmosphere for Destroying Chemical Weapons Left in China by Japan (on trial)" were issued by SEPA[Reference No.171(2004)].

On Dec 8, the five industry standards for environmental protection including "Technical Requirements for Monitoring Ground Water Environment" were issued by SEPA [Reference No.169(2004)].

On Dec 8, SEPA issued the circular to promulgate noise limits of discharge standards for vehicles in phase II [Reference No. 170 (2004)].

On Dec 8, SEPA issued the circular to forbid using fluoro-chloralethane  as cleaning agent [Correspondence No. 449 (2004)].

On Dec 10, Zhang Lijun was appointed as the vice minister of SEPA by the State Council.

On Dec 13, the First International Forum on Environmental Impact Assessment was held in Bo'ao of Hainan Province. Vice Minister Pan Yue of SEPA attended and addressed the meeting.

On Dec 22, the awarding ceremony for "Green Family" Activities was held in Beijing jointly sponsored by SEPA and All-China Women's Federation.

On Dec 23-24, the National Environmental Planning Work Conference was held in Beijing. The meeting summarized the plans and financing affairs since the implementation of the tenth five-year-plan and held discussions on basic deployment of the eleventh five-year-plan. 

On Dec 26, SEPA approved the construction of "the Key Lab for Air Particles Pollution Prevention and Control of National Model Cities for Environmental Protection[Correspondence No. 491 (2004)].

On Dec 27, SEPA issued the circular to promulgate "Emission Standard of Air Pollutants from Cement Industry" [Reference No.184(2004)].

On Dec 28, "Regulations on the Scope of State Secrets Concerning Environmental Protection" was printed and distributed jointly by SEPA and the National Security Bureau [Reference No.187(2004)].

On Dec 28, SEPA issued the circular to implement limits of discharge standards for light motor vehicles in phase II[Correspondence No. 492 (2004)].

On Dec 29, President Hu Jintao signed Chairman Decree No.31 to issue the revised "Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution Caused by Solid Waste" which would take effect on Apr.1 of 2005.

On Dec 29, the 13th plenary session of the Standing Committee of NPC approved the decision on ratification of "Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade" by the standing committee of NPC.

On Dec 30, SEPA issued the decision to confer the title of "National Model City for Environmental Protection" upon Shenyang, Kalamay, Kurle and Yubei District of Chongqing Municipality [Reference No.178,179,180,181,182(2005)].

On Dec 30, SEPA issued the announcement on disposal of unqualified units with certificates of qualification of EIA of construction projects in 2000-2004. Eight units including Hainan Ruidao Environmental Consultants Ltd. Co were given the penalty of suspending qualification certificates of EIA of construction projects; Four units including Inner Mongolia University were given the penalty of downsizing EIA scope; Eleven units including Linfen Application Technology Institute for Environmental Protection were given the penalty of suspension business and rectification within set time limit; Sixteen units including China Academy of Meteorology Science were given the penalty of criticism[Reference No.185(2004)].

On Dec 30, SEPA issued the list of 858 units with qualification certificates of EIA of construction projects in 2000-2004 including Chinese Research Academy Of Environmental Sciences.

On Dec 30, SEPA issued the decision for appointment of 38 national beautiful environmental towns in 2004[Reference No.177(2004)].

On Dec 31, SEPA decided to nominate 84 regions or institutions as ecologial demo-zones at national level including Miyun County of Beijing and etc.[Reference No.185(2004)].

On Dec 31, the lab of Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences of SEPA was nominated as the National Biosafety Key Lab for Environmental Protection[Correspondence No. 499 (2004)].

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