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Calendar in August 2005

On Aug 1, SEPA to conduct selection activity on national environmental-friendly engineerings and release selection rules to public[Reference No.89 (2005)].

On Aug 9, SEPA issued "Circular on the concerned issues of acreage, scope and functional division of 17 new national nature reserves including Hebei Liujiang Basin Relic" upon the request of the General Office of the State Council[Correspondence No.314 (2005)].

On Aug 10, High-level meeting of International Atomic Energy Agency in Asian Region was held in Beijing. Mr. Wang Yuqing, Vice Minister of SEPA and Minister of State Nuclear Safety Bureau presented the meeting.

On Aug 11, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met Mr. Paul, Congressman of Belgium and Reporter of EU on EU-Sina Relations. They exchanged views on Green GDP, Water Pollution, Position of Chinese government on Kyoto Protocol and Convention on Climate Changes and etc.

On Aug 12, SEPA decided to conduct inspection on electrolytic aluminium production enterprises for environmental protection and release list of enterprises attaining national standards at regular basis[Reference No.92 (2005)].

On Aug 15-22, Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA paid a visit to Brazil and held discussions with Administrative Vice Minister of Ministry of Environment in Brazil. In addition, he made an on-the-spot investigation on nature conservation of Brazil.

On Aug 15, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA signed decree No.26 to issue "Measures on Qualification Management for EIA of Construction Projects" which would take effect on Jan 1, 2006 and abolish "Measures on Qualification Certificates for EIA of Construction Projects".

On Aug 15, SEPA issued the circular to execute "Environmental Protection Technical Specifications for Centralized District of Disassembly, Utilization and Disposation of Waste Mechanical and Electronical Equipment" on Sept 1, 2005[Announcement No.38].

On Aug 20, the Start-up Ceremony for "Green Orient--Selection and Commendation of China Environment Protection Prize" was held in Coalfield of Shendong.

On Aug 23, "Committee of Experts on Nuclear Safety and Environment of SEPA" was set up[Correspondence No.358(2005)].

On Aug 28, the Eighth Green China Forum with theme of "strategic EIA and sustainable development" sponsored by SEPA was held in Beijing. Minister Xie Zhenhua and Vice Minister Pan Yue of SEPA presented and addressed the meeting.

On Aug 30, the project of "Ecological Conservation and Construction of Qinghai Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserves" was launched in Xining of Qinghai Province. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan addressed the meeting and Vice Minister Zhang Lijun of SEPA presented the meeting.

On Aug 30, the Title of "National Model City for Environmental Protection" was conferred on Guiling City by SEPA[Reference No.95(2005)].

On Aug 31, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA signed decree No. 27 to issue "Regulation on Pollution Prevention and Control of Waste Hazardous Chemicals" which would take effect on Oct 1, 2005.

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