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Calendar in November 2005

On Nov 1, the Spot Meeting for Pollution Control of Eastern Line of the South-North Water Diversion Project by the State Council was convened in Jining of Shandong Province. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan attended and addressed the meeting.

On Nov 1-3, the 2005' National Nuclear and Radioaction Safety Conference was convened in Beijing. Vice Minister Wang Yuqing of SEPA addressed the meeting.

On Nov 3, "Circular on Strengthening Environmental Safety and Quarantine Management on Imported and Exported Microorganisms of Potential Environmental Hazards"[Reference No. 123(2005)] was printed and distributed jointly by SEPA and State Bureau of Quality and Quarantine Supervision.

On Nov 5, the Annual Meeting of China Circular Economy Development Forum 2005 was convened in Xiamen.

On Nov 7, Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA met Mr. Stavros Dimas, Environmental Commissioner of EU and attended the Signature Ceremony for Sino-EU Biodiversity Projects.

On Nov 8, the first meeting of Sino-US Joint Commission on Environmental Cooperation was held in Washington, the capital of US. Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA attended the meeting with a delegation. Afterwards, Minister Xie Zhenhua and Mr. Stevene Johnson, Director General of EPA of US signed "Joint Declaration of Sino-US Joint Commission on Environmental Cooperation".

On Nov 8, Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA met Mr. Jurgen Trittin, Federal Minister of Environment, Nature Protection and Reactor Safety (BMU) of Germany in Beijing. They exchanged views on circular economy, green GDP accounting system and etc.

On Nov 8, Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of SEPA met Mrs. Margaret Beckett, Britain's Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in Beijing. They exchanged views on public participation in the environmental protection.

On Nov 9, Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing of SEPA met Mrs. Fientje Moerman, Vice-Minister-President of the Flemish Government in SEPA. They exchanged views on environmental industries cooperation and etc.

On Nov 9, SEPA issued the announcement for eight standards including "Technical Standard for Auto Monitoring of Environmental Air Quality" being approved to be the industrial standards for environmental protection.

On Nov 9-14, the Environmental Forum of Four Regions across the Strait was held in Macao. Vice Minister Wang Yuqing of SEPA introduced the development of environmental protection industries in China.

On Nov 11, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met Mr. Fidel Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee, President of the State Council of Cuba in Havana. They held discussions on energy conservation, regenerated energy and global environmental issues. After the meeting, they signed Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Protection and Cooperation. 

On Nov 13, a chemical plant in Jilin City, northeast China's Jilin Province, exploded along Songhua River, which leaked out benzene and nitrobenzene mass into river and caused water pollution in the Songhua River. It drew great attention of social media and government of Russia. Chinese government also attached great importance to Water Pollution Accident of Songhua River and required SEPA and related departments taking measures to closely monitor and control water pollution. On Nov 21, SEPA dispatched environmental monitoring experts to Harbin. On Nov 23, drinking water source of Songhua River was closed in Harbin. On Nov 24, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met Ambassdor of Russia in China and informed Russia water pollution of Songhua River. Both sides exchanged views on strengthening environmental cooperation between two countries. On the same day, press conference was convened by the information office of State Council. Vice Minister Zhang Lijun of SEPA released related information and answered questions by journalists. On Nov 25, the working group of the State Council with expert group of SEPA hurriedly went to Harbin City. On Nov 26, Premier Wen Jiabao inspected water pollution on the spot. On the same day, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing met Ambassdor of Russia in China and applogized for potential damages to Russian People. SEPA also released information to the Executive Director of UNEP. On Nov 27, water supply was recovered in Harbin City. At present, follow-up investigation and monitoring on Songhua River was still undergoing.

On Nov 15, Vice Minister Zhang Lijun of SEPA met Mr. Andrews Vice Minister of Hungarian Environmental Protection and Water Ministry in SEPA.

On Nov 17, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met Mrs. Mona Sahlin, Minister for Sustainable Development of Sweden. They conducted extensive discussion on bilateral environmental protection.

On Nov 18-20, the Fourth Annual General Meeting of Third Phase of CCICED was held in Beijing. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan and Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA delivered their addresses respectively on the opening ceremony. Before the meeting, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan met Mr. Klaus Toepfer, Vice Secretary General of UN and Executive Director of UNEP and Mrs. Aileen Carroll, Minister of Canadian International Development Agency respectively. On Nov 20, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council met the foreign paricipants in Beijing.

On Nov 21, "Proposal to Accelerate Promotion of Evaluation on Environmental Behaviors of Enterprises " was printed and distributed by SEPA [Reference No. 125(2005)].

On Nov 22, Sino-Italian environmental cooperation and Beijing green Olympic forum was held in Beijing.

On Nov 22, the Third Ministerial Joint Meeting for Bio Species and Resources Protection was convened in Beijing. Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA attended and addressed the meeting. Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing of SEPA presented a working report to the meeting.

On Nov 23, the 114th Executive Meeting was convened by the State Council. The Meeting discussed and approved "Decision on Implementing Scientific Concept of Development and Strengthening Environmental Protection" in principle.

On Nov 23, "Circular on Strengthening Settlement for Complaint Letter and Visits of Environmental Protection" was printed and distributed by SEPA.

On Nov 25, Mr. Zhu Guangyao, Vice Minister of SEPA met Japanese delegation led by Ms. Sadako Ogata, President of Japan International Cooperative Agency. They exchanged views on further cooperation.

On Nov 28, SEPA issued the "Urgent Circular to Further Strengthen Environmental Supervision and Management and Prevent Pollution Accidents" to require departments concerned taking effective measures and ensuring life and property security of people [Reference No.130 (2005)].

On Nov 28, "National Plan for Environmental Protection Legal Construction during the Eleventh Five-Year" was printed and distributed by SEPA [Reference No.131 (2005)].

On Nov 29, the National Pollution Source Auto-monitoring Conference was held in Jinan of Shandong Province. Mr. Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of SEPA attended and addressed the meeting.

On Nov 30, the Opening Ceremony of China Environment Culture Festival 2005 and the awards ceremony of the Figures of Green China was held in Beijing. Ms. Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of Standing Committee of NPC, Mr. Zhou Tienong, vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee, Mr. Du Qinglin, Minister of Agricultural Ministry, Mr. Xie Zhenhua, Minister of SEPA and Mr. Toepfer, Executive Director of UNEP attended the meeting. Mr. Pan Yue, Vice Minister of SEPA addressed the meeting. Five environmentalists were awarded "Figures of Green China in 2005" for their great contribution to the environmental protection cause. Ten persons were appointed as "Non-government Environmental Protection Ambassador". Mr. Wang Yuqing and Mr. Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Ministers of SEPA also presented the meeting.

On Nov 30, Minister Xie Zhenhua of SEPA met Mr. Klaus Toepfer, Vice Secretary General of UN and Executive Director of UNEP in Beijing. They exchanged views on Songhua River pollution.

On Nov 30, SEPA issued the "Urgent Circular on Strengthening Environmental Supervision on Poultry Breeding and Slaughter Ground" to require EP sectors to support other departments on bird flu prevention and control [Reference No. 139(2005)].

On Nov 30, the title of "National Model City for Environmental Protection" were conferred on Jiaonan City, Rizhao City, Laixi City, Penglai City and Weifang City by SEPA [Reference No.133(2005)].

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