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Calendar in January 2007

On Jan. 5, State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), Publicity Department, CCCPC and Ministry of Education jointly issued Instructions on Strengthening Publicity of Environmental Protection during the Eleventh Five-year Period.

On Jan. 9, SEPA issued a bulletin, approving the Technical Guideline for Delineating Source Water Protection Areas as a national industrial standard for environmental protection.

On the same day, SEPA decided to nominate Haidian Dist., Beijing and other 86 areas and units as National Eco Demonstration Zone.

On the same day, SEPA decided to pilot National Environmental Action Plan for Rural Prosperity in Guangdong Province.

On Jan. 10, SEPA reported 82 iron & steel, electric power and metallurgical projects which cost 112.3 billion yuan and severely broke the regulations on environmental impact assessment and three synchronizations. A ban on construction projects was exercised in 4 administrative areas including Tangshan and on all the projects invested by the four power groups such as China Guodian Corporation. The move was to rein in the rapid expansion of energy-and-pollution -intensive industries and to implement macro control policies.    

On Jan. 11, the leading group for major science & technology program "water body pollution control and remediation" held the first meeting in Beijing. SEPA's Minister Zhou Shengxian presided over the meeting and made an important speech. Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing also attended the meeting. Other participants included persons in charge from 10 other ministries like Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Science and Technology and NDRC.

On the same day, SEPA honored Liqiao Town, Shunyi Dist. Beijing and other 180 towns the title of National Environmentally Beautiful Town and 19 villages as National Environmentally Beautiful Village such as Xitianmu Village, Lin'an City, Zhejiang Province.

On Jan. 11, SEPA decided to make Jiangsu Province a trial place for EIA for Plan.

On Jan. 12, SEPA released Report on Strengthening Environmental Management for Construction Projects and Access to Environmental Marketing to further implement the Decision of the State Council on the Implementation of the Outlook on Scientific Development and Strengthening Environmental Protection. Ban on projects of the entire region was adopted for the first time, which makes access to environmental marketing an important tool for national macro control.

On Jan. 15, SEPA issued Requirements on Radiation Safety of Gamma-ray Detection Apparatus to enhance supervision and management of radiation safety and protection, and foster the healthy development of γ ray detection apparatus industry.

From Jan. 16-17, a national meeting for EPB directors was held in Beijing. SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian attended the meeting and made an important speech. The participants acted in the spirit of the 6th plenary session of the 16th CCCPC by studying the important instructions of leaders from the Central Committee and the State Council on environmental protection and the spirit of the Central Economic Working Conference. A summery of work on environmental protection across the country in 2006 was made and new tasks in 2007 deployed. Vice Minister Pan Yue chaired the meeting and SEPA top leaders attended the meeting including Discipline Inspection Group leader Zhu Guangyao, Vice Ministers Zhang Lijun, Wu Xiaoqing, Zhou Jian and Li Ganjie and former Vice Ministers Wang Yuqing, Wang Xinfang and Wang Jirong.

On Jan. 19, SEPA published Guidelines for Monitoring Ambient Air Quality (tentative).

On Jan. 22, Vice Minister Zhou Jian met with French ambassador in China, Hervé Ladsous. They exchanged ideas on Sino-French cooperation on environmental protection.

On Jan. 23, China Ozone Layer Protection Leading Group held a meeting in Beijing. SEPA Vice Minister Zhang Lijun attended the meeting and made remarks. Principals from the 14 member ministries such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NDRC, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance attended the meeting.

On the same day, SEPA printed and issued Instructions for Strengthening Building Eco Demonstration Zones in order to implement the requirement on building eco province (cities and counties), environmentally beautiful towns and villages of eco civilization as set out in the Decision of the State Council on the Implementation of the Outlook on Scientific Development and Strengthening Environmental Protection.    

On Jan. 24, the first coordinator meeting of the Stockholm Convention implementation group was held in Beijing. SEPA Vice Minister Zhang Lijun presided over the meeting and made remarks. Principals from 11 ministries such as NDRC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance participated in the meeting.

On Jan. 29, Vice Minister Li Ganjie met with Tomihiro Taniguchi, Deputy Director General of IAEA. They exchanged views on enhancing cooperation in nuclear safety.


On Jan. 30, SEPA revised and issued Emergency Response Plan on Nuclear Accidents of SEPA and Emergency Response Plan on Radiation Accidents. Local EPBs at provincial, autonomous region and municipal level are required to amend and improve their own plans accordingly.

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