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Calendar in February 2007

On Feb. 1, The Initiative to Protect Colorful Yunnan was launched in Kunming. Yunnan Provincial Governor Qin Guangrong, SEPA Vice Minister Li Ganjie and over 2600 people from related departments and social sectors took part in the launching ceremony.

From Feb. 5 to Feb. 7, the 24th session of UNEP Governing Council and Global Environment Minister Forum was held in Nairobi. The Chinese delegation headed by SEPA Vice Minister Zhou Jian attended the meeting.

On Feb. 5, SEPA decided to make the special plan for the development of leading industry and key areas of Erdos, Inner Mongolia one of the pilot projects for environmental impact assessment for plan.

On Feb. 7, SEPA, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Culture and State Administration of Cultural Heritage jointly issued Circular on Strengthening Management of Film Shooting and Large Scale Performance at Environmental Sensitive Areas such as Nature Reserves, Scenic Spots and Cultural Heritage Protection Units.

On Feb. 8, SEPA gave a reply to Liaoning Provincial Government, approving the plan to build Liaoning Province into an Eco Province on a trial basis. 

On Feb. 12, SEPA held a pollutant reduction analysis review meeting in Beijing. Minister Zhou Shengxian called on all departments to be highly responsible for the country and the people, discerning pollution reduction situation and making up their mind with specific measures to accomplish the reduction task by all means. Vice Minister Zhang Lijun chaired the meeting. Some academicians, environmental experts and renowned scholars attended the meeting and made remarks.

On the same day, National Environmental Advisory Board and SEPA Science and Technology Board held the first plenary session in 2007 in Beijing. Minister Zhou Shengxian attended the meeting and made a speech. The meeting was chaired by Academician Sun Honglie, also Deputy Director of the Environmental Advisory Board. Vice Minister Zhang Lijun, Zhou Jian and Li Ganjie and 70 academicians and experts from the two boards attended the meeting.

On the same day, SEPA awarded such four cities as Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Taizhou of Jiangsu Province, Shouguang, Shandong Province and Yiwu of Zhejiang Province the title of National Model City for Environmental Protection.

On the same day, SEPA rectified and reported 14 environmental impact assessment agencies that were unqualified, conducted operations against law or recorded poor performance.

On the same day, SEPA printed and issued Program on Awarding Cleanup Campaign Winners in order to fully implement Scientific Outlook on Development and further improve and regulate the enduring effect mechanism for judging and commending the cleanup campaign.

On Feb. 15, SPEA and five other ministries jointly issued Circular on Countering Excessive Product Packaging to Conserve Resources and Protect the Environment, urging departments concerned to get tough on the campaign.

On the same day, SEPA gave a reply to Shandong EPB, saying that as Laiyu City had made remarkable improvement in rectification and the cold-rolled thin plate engineering phase I of Laigang Group had met the requirement, the ban on construction projects of Laiwu City was removed.

On Feb. 28, SEPA Vice Minister Zhou Jian met with a Japanese delegation headed by Yuya Niwa, Chairman of the General Council of Liberal Democratic Party. They exchanged views on environmental issues of common concern.

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