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Calendar in August 2007

On Aug. 1, SEPA released Cleaner Production Standard--Manganese Electrolytic Industry and four other standards for environmental protection. 

On Aug. 13, SEPA printed and issued a Circular for Strengthening Inspection on Environmental Law Enforcement, requiring local departments concerned to step up efforts within their supervision regions.

On Aug. 16, SEPA released Measures on the Review of Total Emission Reduction of Major Pollutants in the Eleventh Five-year Plan Period (on trial) to strengthen and regulate the work.

On Aug. 17, a national teleconference on special inspection of paper industry to rectify the industry and promote emission reduction was held in Beijing. SEPA Vice Minister Zhang Lijun attended the meeting and made remarks. 32,000 people attended the meeting including officials from provincial, autonomous region, municipal environmental departments and cities specifically designated in the state plan and Xinjiang Production & Construction Corps. Principals from over 3700 paper mills were also present. 

On Aug. 18, the ground breaking ceremony for the main body of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant of Liaoning Province was held in Dalian. Member of Political Bureau of CCCPC, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan attended the ceremony and made a speech. SEPA Vice Minister, also Administrator for National Nuclear Safety Administration Li Ganjie presented construction permit to the nuclear power plant. Representatives from related ministries, Liaoning Province and construction companies concerned attended the ceremony.

On Aug. 21, SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian met with visiting Japanese Minister for Environment and Agriculture, Masatoshi Wakabayashi and his delegation. They exchanged views on bilateral cooperation in environmental economic policies, pollution control and climate change.

On the same day, a work meeting to provide assistance to Tibet by national environmental system was held in Lhasa. Chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region Qiangba Puncog and SEPA Vice Minister Zhou Jian attended and addressed the meeting. 

On the same day, SEPA, National Bureau of Statistics of China and NDRC jointly released a bulletin on targets of major pollutant discharge for all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the first half of 2007.

On Aug. 23, Standing Member of Political Bureau of CCCPC, Premier Wen Jiabao met with a delegation headed by special envoy to Japan's Prime Minister, Minister for Environment and Agriculture, Masatoshi Wakabayashi in Beijing. SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian also attended the meeting.

On the same day, over 40 NPC delegates observing the 29th session of the 10th NPC went to China National Environmental Monitoring Center for a field trip. SEPA Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing accompanied the visiting team.

On Aug. 24, 2007 Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development was held in Chengdu. SEPA Vice Minister Li Ganjie and Chairman of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences Wang Yuqing attended the forum.  

On the same day, SEPA agreed to add 8 cities including Nanchang and Ganzhou to the list of pilot cities for environmental protection in rural area.

On the same day, SEPA released Guidance on the Trial Work of Eco Compensation to promote the establishment of eco compensation mechanism and improve environmental economic policies.

On the same day, SEPA released Rules on Environmental Inspection of Mining Areas (on trial) to step up regulation in this regard.

From Aug. 25-26, 2007 China Forum on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and Resource Reuse was held in Beijing. SEPA Vice Minister Zhang Lijun attended the forum and made a speech.

On Aug. 26, the 29th session of the 10th NPC convened the 2nd plenary session in Beijing. Entrusted by the State Council, SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian gave a briefing on the revision of Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Water Pollution.

On Aug. 27, 2007 International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation was held in Erdos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The theme of the conference was sanitation and environmentally friendly society. SEPA Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended and addressed the meeting.

On the same day, SEPA Vice Minister Li Ganjie met with a visiting delegation led by the standing secretary of Singaporean Environment Ministry Chen Rongshun. They exchanged views on issues concerning pollution reduction, EIA for plan, nuclear safety and climate change.

On Aug. 28, the 3rd Beijing- Tokyo Forum was held in Beijing which featured mutually beneficial relation between China and Japan and the future of Asia. SEPA Vice Minister Li Ganjie attended the forum on invitation. 

On Aug. 30, SEPA Vice Minister met with a delegation led by UNIDO Director-General Kandeh Klloeh Yumkella. They exchanged views on international environmental issues both sides are concerned with.

On Aug. 30, the Central Committee of CPC appointed Comrade Fu Wenjuan as leader of discipline inspection team of the central committee based in SEPA and member of SEPA's Leading Party Group. 

From Aug. 30-31, the 2nd meeting of the Environmental Protection Subcommittee of China-Russia Prime Minister Meeting Committee was held in Beijing. The Chinese Chairman, SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian and Russian Chairman, Minister of Russian Ministry of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev co-hosted the meeting and made a speech.

On Aug. 31, the key national program of the Eleventh Five-year Plan -- Sichuan-to-East China Gas project started construction. Member of Political Bureau of CCCPC, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan attended the ground breaking ceremony in Beijing. SEPA Vice Minister Li Ganjie and officials from related state departments, local provinces and cities along the line and principals of SINOPEC also jointed the ceremony.

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