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Calendar in Sept. 2007

From Sep. 6-10, the 2nd Exhibition of Social Outcome of China's Efforts of Building an Environmentally Friendly Society was held in Harbin. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan sent a letter of congratulations to the meeting and many officials visited the exhibition including Song Jian, Chairman of All-China Environment Federation, Zhang Zuoji, Provincial Governor of Heilongjiang Province and also Deputy Party Secretary of the province, Vice Governor Liu Xueliang, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of All-China Environment Federation Zeng Xiaodong, Vice Chairman Yang Jike and former SEPA Vice Minister Wang Yuqing.

On Sep. 7, the 6th Environmental Ministerial Meeting among ASEAN-China, Japan and Korea was held in Bangkok, Thailand. SEPA Vice Minister Zhou Jian led a delegation to the meeting on invitation of the Thai Minister for Natural Resources and Environment and ASEAN Secretariat. The delegation held discussions with Environmental Ministers of all participating countries and chief of ASEAN Secretariat respectively on issues of common interest concerning bilateral and regional cooperation.

On the same day, SEPA released two environmental standards which included Technical Requirement for Environmental Labeling Products- Solar Collector.

On Sep. 9, the 12th Green China Forum was held in Beijing. SEPA Vice Minister Pan Yue attended the forum and made remarks.

On Sep. 10, SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian met with Danish Environmental Minister Connie Hedegaard and the delegation she led. They exchanged views on issues concerning clean energy, environmental economic policies and climate change.

On Sep. 11, Organs Work Committee of the CPC appointed Comrade Pan Yue as Secretary General of Work Committee for SEPA Directly under CCCPC.

On Sep. 16, the 3rd China Forum on Environment and Development was held in Beijing. Vice Chair of the standing committee of NPC Gu Xiulian and Vice Chair of CPPCC Zhou Tienong attended the opening ceremony and made remarks. Vice Chair of All-China Environment Federation Zhang Zhenhuai gave an opening address and Vice Chair of CPPCC Zhang Rongming and Chairman of All-China Environment Federation Song Jian were also in attendance. SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian gave a keynote speech on taking the strictest measures for the recovery of rivers and lakes.

On Sep. 17, the 19th COP to Montreal Protocol and the celebration of 20th anniversary of signing the Protocol was held in Montreal, Canada. SEPA was honored the award of implementation of the Protocol. A Chinese delegation headed by SEPA Vice Minister Zhang Lijun and consisting of representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NDRC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, China General Administration for Customs and AQSIQ participated in the meeting and related activities. 

On Sep. 19, SEPA Vice Minister Zhou Jian met with the Czech Social Democratic Party Chairman Jiri PAROUBEK and his delegation. They exchanged views on issues concerning environmental policies, sorting and recovery of garbage, municipal sewage treatment and climate change.

On Sep. 20, 2007 meeting on spiritual civilization of the national environmental system was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. SEPA Vice Minister Pan Yue attended and addressed the meeting.

On the same day, visiting SEPA Vice Minister Zhang Lijun to Chile met the Chairwoman of National Environment Commission Ms. Ana Lya Uriarte Rodríguez. Both sides agreed to develop cooperation in the field of air pollution control and monitoring, water quality management, ecological protection of marine and coastal areas. Minister Zhang and the Executive Director of Chilean Environment Commission signed a MOU on environmental cooperation between P. R. China and Republic of Chile.

On Sep. 21, the 2nd Table Tennis Competition of National Environmental Protection System was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. SEPA Vice Minister Pan Yue attended the opening ceremony and took part in the event.  

On the same day, SEPA agreed to add Shanxi Province to the list of pilot Eco Province.

On Sep. 23, SEPA lifted ban, for the first time, on the five areas that were restricted from construction projects in river basins including Bayanzhuoer City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Zhoukou City of Henan Province, Weinan City of Shaanxi Province, Xiangfen County of Shanxi Province and Wuhu Economic & Technological Development Area of Anhui Province as these areas have met environmental protection requirement after strenuous efforts on rectification. 

On Sep. 25, SEPA decided to continue its efforts to select national environmentally friendly engineering as a way to implement Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Impact Assessment.  

On the same day, SEPA decided to step up its efforts to find out hidden trouble of environment security and avoid major accidents in order to maintain environmental security and curb the environmental accident-prone situation.

On Sep. 26, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over the 193rd executive meeting of the State Council, on which the Eleventh Five-year Plan on Environmental Protection was discussed and adopted in principle. SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian attended the meeting.

On the same day, SEPA issued a decree on Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Electronic Waste, which will come into force as of Feb. 1, 2008.

On Sep. 28, SEPA staged an emergency response exercise on nuclear and radiation terrorism attack. Vice Minister Zhou Jian took part in the exercise.

On Sep. 29, SEPA released Plan on the Building of National Environmental Technology Management System. 

On Sep. 30, SEPA approved Technical Specifications for Pollution Control during Collection and Recycle of Waste Plastics (on trial) as national environmental protection standard.

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