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Calendar in Feb. 2008

On February 1, the 4th plenary meeting of the Coordinating Group for Guaranteeing Air Quality for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was held in Beijing. Provincial, city, and district level officials in charge of this from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Shandong, and officials from SEPA, environmental protection bureau of the People's Liberation Army, Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, China National Petroleum Corporation, and State Grid Corporation attended the meeting. SEPA Vice Minister Zhang Lijun attended the meeting and gave remarks.

Also on the same day, SEPA printed and distributed the Circular on Implementing the Measures on the Control and Management of Environmental Pollution Caused by E-wastes, urging local areas to strengthen the environmental management of e-waste treatment projects.

On February 2, SEPA issued the Standard for Exhaust Pollutants from Diesel Engines of Non-road Mobile Machinery.

On February 4, Vice Minister Li Ganjie met in Beijing with Mr. Khalid Malik, UNDP representative to China. Both sides exchanged views on climate change and pollution control.

On February 5, after consulting with relevant departments under the State Council and being approved by the Cabinet, SEPA agreed that Beijing began to enforce National Fourth Phase Motor Vehicle Emission Standard in advance.

On February 6, SEPA issued the Emergent Circular on Strengthening the Defense against and Response to Secondary Environmental Pollution Accidents caused by Rain, Snow, Ice and Frost, urging local areas, in particular environmental protection bureaus of disaster-stricken areas to intensify the environmental emergency work during the Spring Festival and NPC and CPPCC, in order to prevent the secondary environmental pollution accidents.

On February 13, SEPA, Ministry of Commerce, NDRC, General Administration of Customs, AQSIQ printed and distributed List of Solid Waste Prohibited to be Imported, List of Solid Waste Used as Raw Materials and Restricted in Import and List of Solid Waste Used as Raw Materials under Automatic Import License Category, which go to effect as of March 1.

On February 18, Vice Minister Li Ganjie visited France and signed China-France Agreement of Cooperation on Nuclear Safety and China-France Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on Nuclear Safety for AREVA EPR Nuclear Power Units with Mr. Lacoste, Chairman of French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).

On February 19, SEPA printed and distributed the 11th Five-Year Plan of National Environmental Protection System on Focal Point Aids to Tibet.

On February 20, the 10th special meeting of the UNEP Governing Council and Global Ministerial Environment Forum was held in Monaco. Vice Minister Li Ganjie led the Chinese Delegation to the meeting and delivered a speech.

On February 22, SEPA issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Environmental Protection of Listed Companies.

On February 25, SEPA issued the Circular on Implementing Faster the "National Plan on Construction of Hazardous Waste and Medical Waste Disposal Facilities", urging local areas to speed up the implementation and ensure that the ongoing projects are built up as soon as possible and operated stably.

On February 26, SEPA released the list of the first group "heavy polluting and high environmental risk" products, which involve 141 varieties in six industries. Given that 39 varieties of products in the list still enjoy the export rebate, including pesticide, coatings, batteries and organic Arsenic substances, SEPA proposed to Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation to call off their export rebate, and to the Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs to forbid their processing for trade.

Also on the same day, Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing met in Beijing with Ms. Hiltunen, Chair of Environment Committee under Finnish Parliament. Both sides exchanged views on strengthening environmental cooperation.

Also on the same day, the working meeting on the first national general survey on pollution sources was held in Kunming, Yunan province. Vice Minister Zhou Jian attended the meeting and gave remarks.

On February 27, the working meeting for protection of the quality of water diverted from Luanhe River to Tianjin was held in Beijing. Vice Minister Zhang Lijun attended the meeting and delivered remarks.

Also on the same day, SEPA and Ministry of Public Health issued the Standard of Packaging Bags, Containers and Warning Symbols Specific to Medical Waste as one of the environmental protection standards. It goes to effect as of April 1, 2008.

On February 28, President Hu Jintao signed the No.87 Presidential Order, promulgating the amended Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Water Pollution. The law was already adopted at the 32nd meeting of the standing committee of the 10th National People's Congress.

From February 28-29, the national working conference on environmental monitoring was held in Beijing. Minister Zhou Shengxian and Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended the meeting and gave remarks. Heads of environmental protection bureaus of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as well as officials from SEPA organs and affiliated institutions attended the meeting.

On February 29, SEPA held the Video Meeting for Environmental Letters and Visits in the National Environmental System. Vice Minster Zhou Jian attended the meeting and delivered remarks.

Also on the same day, SEPA issued the Circular on Appraising 2007 Advanced Units and Individuals for Government Information of National Environmental Protection System.

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