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Calendar in May. 2008

On Apr. 30, Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) issued Catalogue of Information Disclosure of Ministry of Environmental Protection (first batch) and Guidance for Information Disclosure of MEP.

On May 3, MEP named Mentougou Dist. of Beijing and other 68 areas as National Eco Demonstration Districts.

On May 5, Vice Minister of MEP Wu Xiaoqing met with Vice Minister of Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor Mr. Josef Mayer and the delegation he led. They exchanged views on bilateral cooperation in environmental industry and environmental issues of common concern.

On May 6, Minister of MEP Zhou Shengxian met with Japan's Minister for Environment KAMOSHITA Ichiro. They signed a MOU between Ministry of Environmental Protection, People's Republic of China and Ministry of Environment, Japan on a demonstration project of decentralized sewage treatment in small towns. 

On May 9, the 1st session of 3rd Council of China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) in 2008 was held in Beijing. Vice Minister of MEP Zhou Jian addressed the meeting.

On the same day, MEP printed and issued an early warning scheme for monitoring ambient air quality in Beijing, co-hosting cities and neighboring areas during the Olympic Games in order to ensure a smooth operation of the monitoring work.

On May 12, an earthquake of 8.0 magnitude stroke Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. Minister Zhou Shengxian immediately made an important instruction, urging departments concerned to take actions at once and go all out to fulfill the task of environmental emergency response. The Ministry was on standby for emergency response of nuclear and radiation accidents. All emergency teams promptly proceeded to work according to the contingency plan.

On the night of the same day, Minister Zhou Shengxian presided over a meeting, conveying the gist of the meeting on earthquake relief by the State Council and making arrangement on environmental emergency response. Environmental departments at all levels were required to have close monitoring of nuclear and radiation safety to ensure a hundred percent safety and to find out conditions of environmental sensitive facilities and areas such as chemical plants, hazardous chemicals and sewage treatment plants in time to get prepared for emergency response in case environmental accidents that may happen at any time.

From May 13 to May 31, Vice Minister of MEP Li Ganjie led a team of experts to the quake-stricken area to guide disaster relief and emergency response work. He also expressed sympathy and solicitude for workers of environmental protection system in the region on behalf of the Ministry and Minister Zhou Shengxian.

On May 13, MEP issued a circular on strengthening preparedness of emergency response for civil nuclear facilities and irradiation facilities. All operators were required to tighten up emergency response on related matters.

On the same day, MEP issued a circular on preventing and addressing secondary environmental pollution caused by earthquake and work plan for environmental emergency monitoring during quake relief period, calling on areas concerned to closely monitor water quality of drinking water sources so as to prevent secondary environmental disaster.

On the same day, MEP issued a circular on establishing trial bases for conservation culture in order to implement the principle of the 17th National Congress of the CPC and promote conservation culture.

On May 14 the first bunch of donations worth 706,100 yuan contributed by staff of MEP was sent to disaster area through Ministry of Civil Affairs. 

On the same day, the third meeting of the coordination group for the implementation of Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants was held in Beijing. Vice Minister Zhang Lijun presided over the meeting.

On May 15, the 5th meeting of the coordination team to ensure air quality of Beijing during the Olympics was held in Beijing. MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian and Vice Minister Zhang Lijun, Mayor of Beijing Guo Jinlong and acting Provincial Governor of Hebei Province Hu Chunhua attended the meeting and made remarks.

On the same day MEP printed and issued a circular on further strengthening regulation of radioactive sources during the quake relief period in order to prevent possible secondary radioactivity pollution and ensure radiation safety.

On the same day National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) printed and issued a circular on strengthening management of nuclear facility operation.

From May 16 to May 22, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian led related department officials and experts to the quake-hit area to inspect the conditions of nuclear facilities and provide guidance to quake relief and environmental emergency response. They also visited grassroots environmental workers and expressed sympathy with them. On May 18 Minister Zhou went to EPAs in Guangyuan, Mianyang and Shifang city, condoled with local workers, inspected enterprises with hidden danger of pollution and guided pollution prevention and control work. On May 21 Zhou Shengxian went to Chengdu No. 4 Sewage Treatment Plant to see over its operation. Then he went to the commanding center of MEP in the forefront of quake relief, Environmental Supervision Center in Southwest China, Sichuan Provincial EPA, Chengdu Municipal EPA, Chengdu Environmental Monitoring Center and Sichuan Supervision Station for Nuclear and Radiation Safety. In these places Minister Zhou Shengxian visited staff and expressed sympathy with them, asked about relief work in environmental protection system and convened meetings to make all-round deployment to prevent secondary environmental disaster. Vice Minister Li Ganjie and officials from related departments escorted the team.   

On May 17 MEP printed and issued an urgent circular on strengthening investigation and control of hidden danger at the lower reaches of reservoir dams in a bid to guard against the threat to lower reaches posed by barrier lakes.

On the same day MEP printed and issued an implementation plan to prevent and handle secondary environmental disasters caused by Wenchuan earthquake and a monitoring plan to prevent and control secondary environmental disasters caused by Wenchuan earthquake to carry on the gist of  State Council's meeting on quake relief and ensure scientific and effective methods to prevent and deal with such accidents during the period.

On May 19 MEP printed and issued Technical Specifications on Assessment of National Soil Pollution in order to guide and regulate soil pollution assessment and ensure a science-based conclusion of national investigation of soil pollution.

From May 19 to May 21 a High Level Forum on China's Ecological Economy of Mountainous Region and Building of New Socialist Countryside was held in Zhejiang Province. Party member of Ministry of Environmental Protection CPC committee Zhu Guangyao attended the meeting.

On May 20 MEP printed and issued Technical Guidelines on Protection of Concentrated Drinking Water Sources in Quake-hit Areas (Provisional), Technical Scheme on Emergency Response to Ensure Drinking Water Safety in Quake-hit Areas (Provisional) and Technical Guidelines on Monitoring Surface Water Quality and Concentrated Drinking Water Sources in Quake-hit Areas (Provisional).

On May 20 and May 21, a work meeting on building national eco-industrial parks was held in Tianjin. Leader of Discipline Inspection Group of MEP Fu Wenjuan, Vice Minister of Ministry of Commerce Ma Xiuhong and Vice Minister for Science and Technology Cao Jianlin attended the meeting. They also awarded plates to winners of the first batch of national eco-industrial parks including Suzhou Industrial Park.

On May 21 MEP printed and issued Technical Guidelines on Protecting Water Quality from Decentralized Drinking Water Sources to ensure safe drinking water in the disaster area.

On May 23 Information Office of the State Council held the 13th news briefing on Wenchuan Earthquake and disaster relief. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing noted that water quality of the 71 drinking water sources in the disaster area was up to standard. All nuclear facilities were safe and sound. No major secondary environmental accidents occurred in the area.

On the same day MEP printed and issued Guidelines for Removal and Management of Disaster Debris in order to facilitate fast and orderly cleanup of debris according to law.

On May 24 Ministry of Health, MEP, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Agriculture jointly issued an urgent circular on ensuring the safety of drinking water in quake-hit areas.

On May 29 MEP convened a meeting to report disaster relief in the affected areas. Minister Zhou Shengxian delivered an important speech, summing up efforts of disaster mitigation in the previous stage and making arrangement on environmental emergency response for the next stage. He stressed that all staff in environmental protection system should further understand the decisions made by the Central Committee and the State Council as well as the speech made by President Hu Jintao at the work meeting of disaster relief in Sichuan. Vice Minister Zhou Jian conducted the meeting. Leader of Discipline Inspection Group of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection based in MEP Fu Wenjuan attended the meeting. All staff of MEP attended the meeting. Participants also included principals of outposts and institutions directly affiliated to MEP outside Beijing, leaders of Beijing based institutions and agencies directly under MEP, retired secretaries of party branches and member of the branch committees. Comrade Mai Qing of No. 1 inspection team of state department observed the meeting.

On the same day MEP printed and issued an urgent circular on strengthening supervision of rectification of hidden environmental dangers in a bid to remove hidden dangers of the disaster area as soon as possible.

On the same day MEP printed and issued a circular on environmental management of temporary dwellings in the quake-hit area so as to strengthen environmental management in the construction process. 

On May 30 MEP printed and issued technical guidelines on safe disposal of medical wastes in quake-hit area in order to guide medical waste disposal in the disaster area (provisional) and to ensure environmental safety.

On the same day, MEP printed and issued technical guidelines on environmental protection of temporary dwellings in the quake-hit area (provisional) in order to guide construction of temporary dwellings, prevent pollution and protect the environment.

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