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Calendar in Oct. 2008

On Oct. 6, the second DuPont Cup Photography Exhibition on Environmental Protection opened at the Centennial Auditorium of Peking University. MEP Vice Minister Pan Yue attended the opening ceremony.

On Oct. 7, MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun met with a visiting delegation led by Chair of Australian Labor Party, Hon Mike Rann in Beijing. Both sides exchanged views on such issues as energy conservation and pollution reduction, clean energy and climate change.
On Oct. 8, MEP held a meeting in Beijing to mobilize all staff to further study and implement Scientific Outlook on Development. Minister and Secretary of MEP CPC Party Group, also head of the leading group for the study and implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development Zhou Shengxian made a speech. Leader of the 21st inspection group of CPC Central Committee Liu Xirong attended the meeting and made remarks. The meeting was hosted by member of MEP CPC Party Group, Vice Minister as well as the deputy head of the leading group Pan Yue. Deputy of the inspection group Yang Yuxue, MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun, Wu Xiaoqing, Zhou Jian, Li Ganjie and leader of the Discipline Inspection Group Fu Wenjuan attended the meeting. Participants also included MEP staff above vice division-chief level, CPC party members , leaders of MEP branches and affiliates in Beijing, Secretary of general branch and branches of CPC Party of retired staff and members of the 21st inspection group.  

On the same day a news briefing was held in Beijing on construction of pilot national park. Tangwang River National Park of Heilongjiang Province was the first pilot national park approved by MEP and National Tourism Administration.

On Oct. 9, MEP Vice Minister Zhou Jian met with visiting Princess of Kuwait Amthal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Both sides exchanged views on enhanced environmental cooperation.

On the same day MEP announced 2007 annual report on the administration and integrated improvement of urban environment in China, publishing the results of quantitative assessment of integrated urban environmental improvement. 

On the same day the 7th Environment Ministers Meeting of ASEAN, China, Japan and Korea and the 1st East Asia Environment Ministers Meeting was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie led a delegation to participate in the meeting.  

On Oct. 11, a launch ceremony of Amway Environmental Public Fund of China Environmental Protection Foundation was held in Beijing. MEP Vice Minister Zhou Jian attended the ceremony and made remarks.

On Oct. 15, the first China promotion week on environment and health was launched in Beijing. The theme was water and health. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended and addressed the launching ceremony.
On the same day MEP issued a circular on strengthening investigation and remediation of hidden environmental danger of tailing pond to actively prevent and handle environmental accidents caused by collapse of tailing pond in a scientific way.

On Oct. 18, the fourth China Forum on Environment and Development was held in Beijing. The former State Councilor Song Jian, also Vice Chair of CPPCC and Chair of All-China Environment Federation gave an opening address. Vice Chair of the Standing Committee of NPC Zhou Tienong attended the opening ceremony and made remarks. MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian was present at the ceremony and made a keynote speech on “Let Chinese Take a More Pleasant Breath”. The forum was hosted by MEP Vice Minister Zhou Jian.

On Oct. 20, MEP held a review meeting on the guarantee of environmental quality during Beijing Olympic Games and the Paralympics. 65 organizations including Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau were honored excellent organizations for environmental quality guarantee and 232 people such as Zheng Jiang were named as model worker in the work of guaranteeing environmental quality during the Olympics and Paralympics. MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian attended the meeting and made remarks. Vice Minister Pan Yue, Zhang Lijun and Zhou Jian were present at the meeting.

On the same day MEP printed and issued a circular on stepping up environmental supervision on unqualified dairy products to regulate destruction of substandard dairy products.

On Oct. 21, the 2008 Ecological Civilization, also 5th Forum on the Building of Eco Province was held in Huangshan City, Anhui Province. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended the meeting and made remarks. Vice Governor of Anhui Province Ni Fake, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province Chen Wenhua, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province Hong Feng and Deputy Chair of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of People’s Political Consultative Conference Chen Yanhua also attended the meeting. 

On Oct. 23, the first China International Expo on the Achievements of Circular Economy was held in Qingdao City. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended the opening ceremony.

On Oct. 27, the fifth session of the standing committee of 11th NPC was held. Vice Chair of the NPC’s standing committee Chen Zhili made a report on the inspection of the implementation of Law of the People’s Republic of China on Environmental Impact Assessment.

On Oct. 28, a national work meeting, co-organized by MEP and National Tourism Administration, on developing eco tourism was held in Dalian City. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended the meeting.

On Oct. 31, MEP issued a circular on further strengthening environmental protection under current economic circumstances.

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