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Calendar in May. 2009
From Apr. 26 to May 6, MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun led a delegation to Australia where they met Gerald Early, Deputy Secretary of Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Mr. Peter Yuile, Executive Director of Australian Trade Commission, and Mr. Bruce Davis, Director General of AusAID. They exchanged views on issues concerning bilateral environmental cooperation such as environmental law enforcement, prevention and control of air and water pollution, protection of marine environment, environmental industry and cooperation on environment and development.
On May 7, MEP held a lecture in Beijing on the situation of environmental protection. Secretary of leading Party members' group, also MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian made a report addressing issues like further enhancing understanding of environmental problems, forging ahead with historic transformation of environmental protection, exploring a new path to environmental protection with Chinese characteristics under the guidance of ecological civilization and how to better protect the environment under current financial crisis. Top leaders attending the lecture included MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun, Wu Xiaoqing, Zhou Jian, Li Ganjie and leader of Discipline Inspection Group Fu Wenjuan, Member of leading Party members' group Hu Baolin and Chief Engineer Wan Bentai. Other participants included all the staff of the Ministry, top leaders, principals above section chief level and staff in charge of outposts and affiliates of MEP.
On the same day, MEP issued a notice on certified organizations for environmental impact assessment of construction projects (the third and fourth batch in 2009).
On the same day, MEP issued Circular on a Three-Year Action Plan for Quality Management of Environmental Monitoring (2009-2011), which aimed to enhance quality management of environmental monitoring, promote institutional development, build up capacity and technical strength and establish an advanced early warning system.
On May 12, a work meeting on prevention and control of water pollution of the Songhua River was held in Beijing. MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun chaired the meeting and made remarks. The meeting was attended by Member of Jilin Provincial Committee of CPC, also Vice Governor Ma Junqing, Vice Chair of Inner Mongolia Liu Zhuozhi and Deputy Secretary General of Heilongjiang Province Shi Weijie, who reported the progress of water pollution prevention and control of Songhua River within their jurisdiction on behalf of the three provinces (autonomous region). Staff in charge from related departments of MEP, the Northeast Environmental Supervision Center and EBP of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia participated in the meeting.
On May 14, MEP issued Assessment Report on Management of National Nature Reserves to strengthen management of nature reserves of national level.
On the same day, MEP issued Circular on Going All Out to Implement the Major Technological Program on Control and Treatment of Water Body Pollution to strengthen leadership of the major program and establish an effective management system.
On May 15, MEP announced new vehicle and engine models meeting national emission standard.
On the same day, MEP issued Circular on the Contingency Plan for Medical Waste Management against Influenza A/ H1NI Epidemic.
On May 19, MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie met with CEO and Chairperson of Global Environment Facility Mrs. Monique Barbut. They exchanged views on furthering bilateral cooperation in the field of organic pollutant, biodiversity and climate change.
On the same day, MEP issued Circular on National Inspection of Law Enforcement and Environmental Remediation of Electrolytic Manganese Industry.
On May 21, MEP issued Circular on 2009 Work Plan for Counter Terrorism Emergency Response to implement the arrangement of the CPC Central Committee and national anti-terrorism agencies and get ready for effective preparedness and disposal of nuclear biochemical terrorist events and related environmental emergencies.
On May 22, MEP issued a list on the second group of certified organizations in 2009 for operation of pollution control facilities and organizations with changed information.
On the same day, MEP published cancellation of certified engineers of environmental impact assessment.
On the same day, MEP issued Provisional Measures on Management of Distribution of Digital Products of Satellite Constellation (HJ-1) for Environment and Disaster Monitoring and Circular on Instructions and Procedures of Distribution of Digital Products of Satellite Constellation (HJ-1) for Environment and Disaster Monitoring in order to promote application of satellite data to environmental protection system and fully play the role of satellites for socioeconomic development.
On May 25, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian, also Secretary of MEP leading Party members' group, met with the former Canadian Prime Minister Campbell and other international representatives in Beijing who came for the International Workshop on Security of Water Resources under the theme of China and the World.
On the same day, MEP issued Administrative Measures on Assessment and Demonstration of Environmental Technologies.

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