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Calendar in July. 2009

Calendar of Events on Environmental Protection (July 2009)
On July 1, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian met with a Kazakhstan delegation in Beijing headed by Ашимов, Kazakhstan’s Minister for Environmental Protection. They exchanged views on establishing a subcommittee for environmental cooperation under the framework of China-Kazakhstan Cooperation Committee, China- Kazakhstan intergovernmental agreement on environmental cooperation and bilateral cooperation in the field of environmental protection.
On the same day, MEP issued Guidance on Implementing the Old for New Policy and Strengthening Environmental Management of Disassembly and Disposal of Waste Home Appliances in order to ensure the abandoned home electric appliances are properly handled during the Old for New campaign and promote the implementation of Regulation on Recovery and Management of Waste Electric and Electronic Products (State Council Order (No. 551)).
On July 2, MEP approved Technological Requirement on Data Collection and Transmission Equipment for Automatic Online Monitoring System of Pollution Sources as national environmental standard, which will take effect as of Oct. 1, 2009.
On the same day, MEP called for comments on draft technical guidelines for development and revision of national environmental monitoring methods and standards.
On the same day, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences held its annual meeting at Wuhan, Hubei Province. Vice Governor of Hubei Province Zhao Bin, MEP Chief Engineer Wan Bentai and President of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences Wang Yuqing attended the opening ceremony.
On July 3, MEP announced the adjusted catalogue for management of waste import and export.
On July 6, a review meeting on the work of environmental satellites was held with the participation of Ministry of Science and Technology, MEP, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, Peking University, Beijing Normal University and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing addressed the meeting.
On July 7, MEP called for comments on the draft emission standard of thermal power plants.
On the same day, MEP called for comments on the draft emission standard of pollutants from rare earth industry. 
On the same day, MEP called for comments on the draft technical codes for concentrated disposal of medical wastes.
On July 8, a video conference was held in Beijing on pollution reduction inspection and accounting for the first half of 2009 in China. MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun addressed the meeting for mobilization and arrangement of the inspection and accounting work.
On the same day, MEP Vice Minister Zhou Jian led an inspection team for on-site review of Taihu Lake area, Jiangsu on target performance of water quality in 2008.
On the same day, MEP approved Measures for Pollution Control within a Set Time Period (provisional), which spelled out its application scope, power of decision-making, time frame for pollution control, department functions and legal liabilities. The Measures will take effect as of Sep. 1, 2009.
On July 14, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian met with Andreas Carlgren, Environment Minister of Sweden, the EU rotating Presidency, also Chair of the EU Environment Council. They had a thorough discussion on issues of common concern including strengthening protection of biodiversity and control of mercury pollution.
On the same day, MEP announced the fifth batch of organizations approved in 2009 for environmental impact assessment of construction projects.
On July 15, MEP issued new models of vehicles and engines meeting national vehicle emission standard.
On July 16, MEP issued Measures for Work on China Environment Year Book.
On the same day, MEP issued Circular on Application for Key Laboratory for Protection of Drinking Water Sources and Key Laboratory for Simulation and Control of Pollution of Groundwater Environment.
On July 17, MEP called for comments on some revised standards including environmental quality standards for surface water.
On July 20, MEP made an announcement, banning the production and use of 1,1,1-Trichloroethane.
On July 21, a symposium on macro environmental strategic study of China was held in Beijing. Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang stressed at the meeting that we should thoroughly implement Scientific Outlook on Development by strengthening environmental protection in a strategic manner, making eco protection a major move to ensure fast yet stable economic development and taking energy conservation and emission reduction as an effective way to restructure the economy for the purpose of boosting a kind of development with clean, conserving, safe and sustainable features. Leader of the strategic study team, Party Secretary and President of Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Kuangdi attended the meeting. Deputy team leader, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian took part in the meeting. Related staff of the member organization of the strategic study team and experts concerned participated in the meeting and made remarks on relevant issues.
On July 22, MEP issued Regulation on Management of Environmental Labels for Vehicle Inspection to unify national standard on environmental labels, normalize label management and reinforce emission supervision and management.
On the same day, MEP issued Measures for Data Validation of Automatic Pollution Source Monitoring System of Key Enterprises under National Supervision and Regulation on Supervision and Evaluation of Automatic Pollution Source Monitoring Equipment of Key Enterprises under National Supervision in order to ensure validity of data from the automatic pollution source monitoring system of key enterprises under national supervision.
On the same day, MEP called for comments on the Draft Standard for Ecological Protection and Restoration on Road Traffic Construction.
On July 23, MEP announced the evaluation results of emission reduction in 2008. Regions and enterprises with serious problems were ordered to rectify their problems within a set time period and were imposed punishment.
On July 24, MEP issued a circular on printing and distributing guidelines for preparing the Blue Sea Action Plan for coastal provinces in the twelfth Five-Year Plan period.
On the same day, MEP issued a notice on entrusted on-site inspection of export-oriented manufacturers of citric acid.
On July 27, MEP called for comments on draft emission standards of pollutants for sulphuric acid industry. 
On July 31, MEP issued a circular on pilot work of setting up book-keeping system in organizations generating hazardous waste (phase II).
On the same day, MEP issued a letter of reply on work division scheme of the State Council to implement the opinions on further promoting social economic development of Ningxia Autonomous Region.


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