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Calendar in Aug. 2010

On July 30, the 2010 meeting on ecological civilization was held in Guiyang. MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie attended the meeting and made a keynote speech entitled Building Ecological Civilization and Promoting Green Development.
On August 2, MEP issued a notice on several environmental emergencies occurred during the flood season. The ministry required all localities to further investigate the hidden environmental danger, improve environmental contingency plans, get prepared for various emergency response tasks and do a good job in keeping watch and delivering report.
On the same day, MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing made another phone call to Russian Vice Minister for Natural Resources and Ecology Maidanov on the incident that some chemical barrels and empty ones from two chemical plants of Yongji County, Jilin Province were rushed into Songhua River.
On August 5, MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing had a summary talk over telephone with Mr. Maidanov Russian Vice Minister for Natural Resources and Ecology. Russian minister assistant Dubove Skaya received the call on behalf of Maidanov.
On the same day, International Workshop on Ultra-Low Sulfur and Low Carbon Vehicle Fuels, co-hosted by MEP and UNEP, was held in Beijing. Representatives from governments, international organizations, research institutions and business attended the workshop, having broad and intensive discussions on commonly concerned issues such as promoting sulfur-free vehicle fuels and low carbon development. 
On the same day, MEP approved EIA for the fifth and sixth groups of construction projects in 2010.
On August 6, MEP called for public opinions on the draft version of Guidance on clean production audit-catering industry.
On the same day, MEP issued a list of the third group of operators for environmental pollution control facilities in 2010 and companies with information changed.
On August 8, a torrential rain caused mudslide in Zhouqu County, Gansu Province, which formed a barrier lake at Bailong River, a tributary of the upper reaches of Jialing River and led to heavy casualty. MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian called Gansu Environmental Protection Bureau upon hearing the news and made requirement on disaster relief. He urged local authority to find out the casualties and losses of local EPBs immediately and strengthen preparedness and forecast of environmental disasters to prevent secondary environmental disaster and ensure drinking water safety by all means. He noted that MEP would go all out to support disaster relief and emergency response in Zhouqu and supply the needed equipment shortly. A working group made up of staff from MEP and Guansu EPB arrived at the scene on the night of the day and started investigation and monitoring upon arrival.
On August 11, a news conference on 2010 China International Green Industry Expo was held in Beijing. MEP Chief Engineer Wan Bentai attended the meeting.
On August 13, MEP issued information on the quality of water environment of key river basins and air quality of key cities for environmental protection by the first half of 2010.
On August 15, MEP work group and the group from Gansu EPB started emergency response at the site of disaster area of Zhouqu.
On August 16, MEP Vice Minister, also Administrator of National Nuclear Safety Administration Li Ganjie met with IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano in Beijing. They fully exchanged ideas on China's supervision of nuclear and radiation safety and furthering bilateral cooperation.
On August 17, MEP issued a notice on project application for nuclear and radiation safety supervision of 2011.
On August 18, the fourth International Forum on Eco City was held in Chengde, Hebei Province. MEP Chief Engineer on Nuclear Safety Lu Xinyuan attended the forum and made remarks.
On the same day, MEP issued a notice on strengthening audit on the validity of automatic monitoring data pollution sources of key companies under national monitoring network to boost the development of monitoring system for reduction of total pollution discharge.
On the same day, MEP announced that it has prepared Environmental Requirement on Silt Cleanup of the Disaster Area Hit by Flood and Mudslide and sent it to affected areas of Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi Province to provide guidance on how to deal with environmental problems and avoid secondary environmental pollution during the silt cleanup effort and help the masses to guard against environmental danger.
On August 20, MEP sought public opinion on five environmental standards including drafts of Technical requirement on environmental labeling products- Printing: Planographic printing, Technical specifications for pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment and Ambient Air-Determination of Phenols-High Performance Liquid Chromatography.   
On August 23, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian met with a visiting delegation led by South Africa's Minister for Water and Environmental Affairs Buyelwa Patience Sonjica in Beijing. They exchanged views on issues of common concern on environmental protection.
On the same day, MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie met with Vice President of Senate of the Parliament of Czech Republic Milan Stech and the delegation he led. They exchanged views on environmental policies and the current situation of the two countries and ways to enhance bilateral cooperation.
On the same day, MEP issued report on safety check of control points of 90% power platform of unit III, Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant.
On the same day, MEP issued two pieces of guidelines on nuclear safety including preparedness and emergency response of operators of nuclear power plants.
On the same day, MEP issued new models or vehicles and engines meeting national standard for vehicle emission.
On August 24, MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun met with State secretary for environment Zoltán Illes from Hungarian National Agency for Regional Development. They exchanged views on commonly concerned issues like environmental strategies and China-Hungary environmental cooperation. 
On the same day, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian and South Africa's Minister for Water and Environmental Affairs Buyelwa Patience Sonjica signed Memorandum for Environmental Management Cooperation between People's Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa on behalf of their state governments.
On August 25 and 26, China International Forum on Biodiversity Protection Strategy was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. MEP Vice Minister, also Secretary General of China National Committee for 2010 International Year of Biodiversity Li Ganjie attended the opening ceremony and made a speech.
On August 27, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian met with a visiting delegation led by Japan's Environment Minister Sakihito Ozawa in Beijing. They exchanged views on biodiversity protection and other issues of common concern.
On the same day, MEP held a video conference on investigation of hidden environmental dangers of chemical and petrochemical plants along rivers and lakes. The meeting carried out the important message from central leadership and required sweeping investigation of pollution dangers to ensure environmental safety. MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun attended the meeting and made arrangement for the campaign. Principals from related departments of MEP and Supervision Center of North China attended the meeting at the main venue in MEP.
On August 30, Russian Minister for Natural Resources and Ecology Yuri Trutnev presented President Award of the Russian Federation to MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian on behalf of Russian President Mr. Dmitry Medvedev in recognition of Zhou's contribution to China-Russia environmental cooperation.
On the same day, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian met with a delegation led by Shozaburo Jimi, Japan's Minister of State for Financial Services and exchanged views with them on commonly concerned environmental issues.


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