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Calendar in May 2011
From Apr. 28 to Apr. 29, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian led a delegation to attend the 13th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting among China, Japan and Korea. Korean Environmental Minister LEE Maanee and Japanese Vice Environment Minister Kondo Shoichi participated in the meeting. They exchanged views on environmental issues of common concern.
On May 3, MEP released emission standard for small spark ignition engines of non-road mobile machinery.
On May 6, the training course for ethnic environmental cadres from Xinjiang opened in Beijing. Entrusted by MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian, Vice Minister Zhou Jian attended the opening ceremony and made remarks.
On the same day, MEP issued a Circular on Strengthening Environmental Emergency Response during Flood Season.
On the same day, MEP gave a public notice on the approval and recertification of agencies responsible for EIA of construction projects (the third batch of 2011).
On May 10, MEP sought public opinion on Plan for Prevention and Control of Water Pollution in Key River Basins (2011-2015) (draft for comment).
On May 12, MEP held a workshop on emergency response to nuclear related news in Beijing and participants exchanged their experiences in dealing with emergent environmental news since the nuclear spill crisis happened in Japan.
On the same day, MEP approved Limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from motorcycles and mopeds under two-speed idle conditions as national emission standard and it will be put into effect as of Oct. 1, 2011.
On May 13, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian held the ministerial executive meeting, listening to report on the first meeting of the supervision leading group of the Central Committee on accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and report on the work scheme of MEP and deliberating and adopting two emission standards including emission standard on air pollutants from thermal power plants. The meeting also adopted the review opinions on the campaign to build national model city (district) for environmental protection promoted by Yinchuan and five other cities and districts, environmental checkup of EIA of some construction projects and companies applying for listing or refinancing and some corporate applications for export of hazardous wastes. The meeting nodded Rules for Regional Supervision Outposts of MEP and Standard on Water Pollutants Discharged by Automobile Maintenance Service. The meeting was attended by MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun, Wu Xiaoqing, Zhou Jian, Li Ganjie, head of discipline inspection group Fu Wenjuan, Member of the leading Party members’ group, also Director General of the General Office of MEP Hu Baolin and Chief Engineer Wan Bentai.
On the same day, MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie met with a visiting delegation led by Hiromasa Yonekura, Chairman of Japan Business Federation in Beijing. They exchanged views on issues of common concern including strengthening environmental cooperation and developing green economy. 
On May 16, MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie met with Executive Secretary of Convention on Biological Diversity, assistant Secretary-general of UN, Ahmed Djoghlaf and the delegation he led in Beijing. They exchanged views on protection of biodiversity and implementation of the convention.
On May 17, MEP approved producers of some car models and engines, products and pollution control equipment meeting national standards. These standards include Limits and measure methods for exhaust pollutants from light-duty vehicles (China stage III and IV) (GB18352.3-2005), Limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from compression ignition and gas fuelled positive ignition engines of vehicles (China stage III, IV, V) (GB17691-2005), the 65th batch of Stage III, the 41st batch of Stage IV and the 1st batch of Stage V of Limits and measurement methods for emissions of pollutants from motorcycles on the running mode (China stage III) (GB14622-2007).
On May 18, MEP announced the investigation of excessive lead level in blood test in Deqing County, Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province. MEP decided to introduce regional ban on projects in Huzhou City and revoke the title of Deqing County as Eco Demonstration Area.
On the same day, MEP issued a Circular on Strengthening Pollution Prevention and Control of Lead Acid Battery and Secondary Lead Industry.
On May 19, MEP issued a List of Leather Producers in line with Environmental Regulations in 2010 (the 1st batch).
On May 23, MEP granted the title of National Model City on Environmental Protection to Liaocheng, Linyi, Dongguan, Xuzhou and Yinchuan City and the title of National Model District on Environmental Protection to Qingpu District, Shanghai.
On May 24, the inauguration of China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center was launched in Beijing. MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech titled Join Hands for a Win-win Deal- Building a Bridge to Environmental Cooperation. Zhou and ASEAN Deputy Secretary General Dato’ Misran Karmain jointly took off the veil of the plate. The ceremony was chaired by MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie. ASEAN Deputy Secretary General Dato’ Misran Karmain and Assistant to Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affaris Hu Zhengyue attended the event and made a speech. Representatives from embassies of ASEAN countries in China, related national and international organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce as well as local representatives from Guangxi and Yunnan participated in the activity.
On May 25, MEP and Anhui Provincial People’s Government signed a Cooperation Agreement on Promoting Demonstration Zone for Industrial Transfer at Wanjiang City Cluster in Hefei City. MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian and Anhui Provincial Governor Wang Sanyuan signed the agreement respectively. The Party Secretary of Anhui Province Zhang Baoshun attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Anhui Provincial Vice Governor Ni Fake and attended by the standing member of Anhui Party Committee, Executive Vice Governor and Secretary General of the Provincial Party Committee Zhan Xialai.
On the same day, MEP released information to the media on National Action Plan for Environmental Publicity and Education (2011-2015), which was jointly issued by MEP, Publicity Department, CCCPC, Office of the Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission, Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of  the Communist Youth League of China and All-China Women’s Federation.
On the same day, MEP issued Several Opinions on Carrying out Identification and Evaluation of Environmental Pollution Damages.
On May 27, the coordination meeting for the major scientific program of the Liaohe River Basin in the 12th Five-Year Plan period was held in Shenyang. The meeting was co-organized by MEP and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the national program on water body pollution control and improvement. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended the meeting and made remarks.
On May 31, the national inter-ministerial joint meeting on environmental protection and workshop on water pollution control of the Songhua River basin was held in Harbin. MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian attended the meeting and made remarks. MEP Vice Minister Zhang Lijun chaired the meeting and Governor of Heilongjiang Province Wang Xiankui addressed the meeting. The meeting notified participants of the preparation of the Plan for Water Pollution Control of the Songhua River in the 12th Five-Year Plan Period. Representatives from Inner Mongolia, Jilin and Heilongjiang gave a briefing on their effort to prevent and control water pollution of the Songhua River basin within their jurisdiction. Officials from NDRC, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Agriculture also made remarks at the meeting.

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