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Calendar in Mar. 2013

On March 15, a press conference was held during the first Session of the 12th National People’s Congress. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing answered reporters’ questions on “environmental protection and building ecological civilization”.
On March 20, CCICED Special Policy Study on Promoting Social Media and Public Participation in China’s Green Development was launched. Xu Qinghua, CCICED Vice Secretary General and MEP Chief Engineer on Nuclear Safety, and Hanson, CCICED International Chief Advisor, attended the inception meeting.
On March 22, MEP Vice Minister Zhai Qing met with a delegation led by William Cohen, former U.S. Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Cohen Group in Beijing. Both sides exchanged views on environmental issues of common concern.
On the same day, MEP issued the List of Enterprises under Key National Monitoring Program.
On the same day, MEP released the Application Form for Production, Application and Environmental Management of Hazardous Chemicals and other three supporting documents of the Measures on Environmental Management and Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (Trial).
On the same day, MEP issued the Monitoring and Implementing Scheme for Stage II of New Standard on Air Quality.
On March 25, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian met with a delegation led by René Castro-Salazar, Costa Rican Minister for Environment, Energy and Telecommunications in Beijing. Both sides exchanged views on environmental issues of common concern.
On the same day, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian chaired MEP executive meeting in Beijing. The meeting conveyed the spirit of several important speeches and instructions made recently by Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang and other top leaders, deliberated and adopted the Work Plan on Strengthening Key Tasks of Environmental Protection, Opinions on Implementing National Medium-and Long-term Program for Talent Development (2010-2020), Tentative Measures on Selecting and Cultivating Professional Leaders and Young Elites of MEP and Tentative Measures on Introducing High-level Professionals. MEP Vice Ministers Pan Yue, Wu Xiaoqing, Zhou Jian, Li Ganjie and Zhai Qing, head of the Discipline Inspection Group in MEP Zhou Ying, Member of Leading Party Members’ Group of MEP He Jie and Chief Engineer Wan Bentai attended the meeting.

On March 27, MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie met with Ms. Christine Loh Kung-wai, Under Secretary for the Environment, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in Beijing. They exchanged views on environmental issues of common concern.
On March 28, the 2013 National On-the-Spot Meeting on Environmental Monitoring was held in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of MEP, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wan Bentai, Chief Engineer of MEP, chaired the meeting.
On the same day, MEP issued MEP 2012 Annual Report on Government Information Disclosure.

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