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Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing Required Understanding Real Situation, Seeking Practical Outcomes at the Meeting on Special Law Enforcement Inspection on Review and Approval of EIA
MEP held the 2010 meeting on mobilization and arrangement of special law enforcement inspection on review and approval of environment impact assessment in Beijing on September 28. MEP Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing attended the meeting and gave a speech. Ms. Fu Wenjuan, head of discipline inspection group of Ministry of Supervision in MEP chaired the meeting.
Vice Minister Wu said, MEP and Ministry of Supervision decided in 2009 to organize joint inspection team to conduct special law enforcement inspection on review & approval of environment impact assessment in each province (autonomous region and municipality) in China in the next 3 years. The law enforcement inspection in 8 provinces and autonomous region such as Shanxi, Liaoning and Guangxi last year has obtained good achievements. We will carry out special inspection on law enforcement in 8 provinces (autonomous region and municipality) such as Hebei, Jilin, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and Chongqing this year. The supervision and inspection on the review of environment impact assessment is conducive not only to urging local governments better implement national macro regulation policies, firmly curbing "enterprises with high consumption of energy and pollution or resource oriented", excessive productivity and low-level development of redundant construction projects and ensuring the implementation of the policy of central government on expanding domestic demand and facilitating economic growth; but also urging environmental protection departments at all levels, further improving work style, raising efficiency and ensuring standard operation of power according to the requirements for administration by law with high efficiency. This is also an urgent requirement for strengthening construction of a clean and honest administration and fight against corruption in the field of environment impact assessment. We should fully understand the significance of the work, enhance the sense of responsibility & urgency in doing well the inspection on special law enforcement and all relevant work and ensure practical outcomes of the law enforcement inspection.
Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing presented the following suggestions on doing well special law enforcement inspection on review and approval of environment impact assessment in 2010: 1) Understand the situation at grass-root level. Based on practical conditions of the areas under inspection, we should target on key links & major projects of review and approval of environment impact assessment and understand real situation as much as possible. Meanwhile, we will seriously listen to the comments & suggestions of relevant local departments, construction units, environment impact assessment centers and the public, help address practical problems and difficulties in order to lay a good foundation for carrying out service for environment impact assessment review and approval. 2) Stress focuses and seek for practical outcomes. The supervision and inspection should combine with self check and correction of each region and organization; combine with the handling of striking environmental problem in construction field, combine with enhancement of capacity building of environment impact assessment team and promotion of the reform of environment impact assessment institutions. We should be brave to disclose and find out existing problems and urge the implementation of correction measures. We will make more efforts in supervision on any organization with failure or slowness in making corrections and give a time limit for making corrections. In case that any such enterprise or organization rejects to make correction, cover up problem or makes fraud, we will investigate its responsibility. 3) Think about the future and make correction at the same time. We will seriously find out and correct striking problems during the review, approval and supervision process of environment impact assessment. While making corrections, we will study and analyze the main cause of the problem, seriously summarize good experience & best practice, put forward recommendations on the methodology & measures for deepened reform of EIA system, provide important reference to scientific decision making, and create conditions for development and improvement of long-term mechanism for review and approval of environment impact assessment.
The meeting had made specific arrangements for special law enforcement inspection in 2010 and presented specific requirements for coordination, contacts and law enforcement supervision during the law enforcement inspection.
The special law enforcement inspection on the review & approval of environment impact assessment in 2010 will begin in late September and finish in the end of October of 2010. During the inspection period, 4 inspection groups will check the implementation of the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and MEP Suggestions on Strengthen Supervision and Inspection on Review & Approval of Environment Impact Assessment by provincial environmental protection departments through such methods as listening to briefings at meeting and referring to relevant information as well as the files or records of typical cases.

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