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China develops on-site water pollutant monitoring method

Chinese scientists have developed a new method for on-site water pollutant monitoring, which is more convenient and efficient than traditional sampling methods.

Pollutants such as medicine and wastewater generated from industry production pose a threat to the water safety. Simple and effective monitoring methods are necessary to ensure safe drinking water.

Traditional monitoring methods often include complex sample preparation process. Scientists from the Institute of Urban Environment under the Chinese Academy of Sciences invented a PVC film that is flexible, ultralight and could float on the surface of the water and firmly contact water even under harsh environmental conditions.

The PVC film can absorb pollutants in water and with a portable spectrometer, on-site monitoring of water pollutants can be achieved without frequent sampling.

The research provides a promising approach to improve the efficiency of water pollutant monitoring. The research was published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.


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