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Hangzhou city punishes water polluters
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Police in Xihu district of Hangzhou have placed the legal representative and staff who operated a kitchen waste disposal facility under criminal detention after tap water pollution was reported in a village near the facility.

Authorities in Xihu district also announced on Friday the legal agent and deputy manager of the Xihu Environment Group, which manages the facility, have been removed from their posts pending further investigations.

On Sunday, some residents of Hubu village in Xihu district reported their tap water had a foul odor and they experienced allergic reactions, diarrhea and dizziness after using it.

A preliminary investigation by the city's water bureau found discharges from a kitchen waste disposal site near the village had invaded household water pipes when workers violated proper handling practices.

The bureau cut off the pollution at the source, washed the pipes and provided bottled water to residents. It said in a notice on Thursday the tap water has since been tested and found to be safe to use.

Residents of Hubu village have been reassured their tap water is now safe again, and the government will provide free medical treatment to residents who need it, the mayor's hotline in Hangzhou said on Thursday.

The city government has promised to clean the water pipes in the area and continue to monitor the quality of water supplied to Hubu village.

Source:China Daily