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The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Supervision jointly supervise five environmental infringements and firmly crack down illegal discharge of pollutants by enterprises with high consumption of energy and pollution or resource oriented

MEP official said MEP and Ministry of Supervision decided to blacklist five companies for their environmental violations including Heilong Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd of Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province, Liaoning Wulong Gold Mine Co., Ltd., Yunnan Xuanwei Iron Smeltery, Sichuan Sunning Oil Refinery and COFCO Xinjiang Tunhe Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch. Local authorities were urged to seriously investigate and punish above companies by law.

As the official reveals, joint announcement of environmental blacklist is a major move of MEP and Ministry of Supervision to implement the principle of Central Economic Working Conference and the 3rd session of the 17th Meeting of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. It aims to make tightened effort to check illegal pollution discharge by energy-guzzling, high pollution and material consumption-intensive companies and keep clear of irrational economic growth at the cost of environment while maintaining economic growth, expanding domestic demand and reorganizing industrial structure. The five blacklisted cases involve 45 companies of 5 provinces (autonomous region). They are found to have violated industrial policies and the system of environmental impact assessment and three synchronizations, failed to operate pollution control facilities as required, dealt with hazardous wastes without permission and defined penalty decisions of environmental protection departments. Some governments did not fulfill their responsibilities and were charged with slack supervision. Heilong Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. of Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province did not have normal operation of pollution control facilities for pesticide equipment. Wastewater from the alkali chlorine producer was discharged without being treated. The pollution control facility of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid project started operation without passing the examination of three synchronizations. Hidden dangers threatening environmental safety loom large in the company. Liaoning Wulong Gold Mine Co., Ltd. did not execute environmental impact assessment and three synchronizations. It turned a blind eye to the decision of environmental protection departments. These hidden dangers of environmental safety have impacted the drinking water safety of surrounding area. A number of small blast furnaces of the smelteries in Xuanwei, Yunnan started business without any permits in breach of national industrial policies. In spite of the fact that Yunnan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has made written instructions twice ordering local government to shut down these businesses, there are still 5 companies continuing illegal production activities and 17 suspended production but not pulled down yet. Shimen Industrial Fuel Processing Plant of Daying County, Suining, Sichuan, Youzhang Industrial Fuel Plant and 5 other companies used indigenous method to refine oil against law, among which 6 companies dealt with hazardous waste without permission. Related departments approved 4 companies against rule. 14 branches of COFCO Xinjiang Tunhe Co. Ltd. within Xinjiang region were found not to have pollution control facilities. Wastewater has long been discharged without treatment, causing serious impact on ambient environmental quality. (Please see attachment)

The official noted that MEP and Ministry of Supervision will follow up the investigation of above cases. Environmental protection departments concerned must deal with illegal enterprises seriously, ordering violators of environmental impact assessment and three synchronizations to stop production and construction and complete formalities within a set period of time. Local governments will be urged to cut off water and electricity and take other necessary measures against enterprises ignoring the penalty established by environmental protection authorities. All enterprises with hidden environmental dangers will be ordered for rectification within a set period of time when production and discharges are both limited. The supervision authority needs to make inspection of local governments and supervision departments on their performance. Personnel held liable will be sued according to Provisional Regulation on Administrative Punishment for Violation of Law and Discipline of Environmental Protection.



Blacklist jointly announced by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Supervision in 2009

1. Environmental Violation of Heilong Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. of Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province

Fault: The alkaline chlorine equipment of Heilong Pesticide Chemical Co. was found to discharge wastewater into Songhua River without being treated. The pretreatment facility of high concentration organic wastewater does not run in normal condition. Excessive discharge often occurs. The sewage treatment facility of its 8,000-ton 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid project was put into operation without being examined by environmental authority.

Rectification requirement: Punishment should be imposed on the company and personnel held liable will be sued by law.

2. Environmental Violation of Liaoning Wulong Gold Mine Co., Ltd.

Fault: Huangdonggou tailing pond of Liaoning Wulong Gold Mine Co. is located in level II protection zone of Tiejia reservoir (drinking water source for Donggang city). It did not complete environmental impact assessment procedures in 2002 when the dam body was enlarged and the project has not been checked by environmental protection department so far. As the construction was found to go against rule, building materials and standard changed, the provincial EPB ordered to shut down the pond in Dec. 2007. But the order was not implemented. In July 2008, drainpipe of the pond broke, letting off a large amount of slurry containing cyanide. The slurry flew into the downstream Tiejia reservoir through Banshi River, seriously damaging drinking water supply of Donggang City.

Rectification requirement: Dandong municipal government will be urged to order Huangdonggou tailing pond to shut down immediately and carry out ecological rehabilitation to remove hidden environmental dangers. Personnel responsible will be prosecuted.

3. Environmental Pollution Caused by Small Smelteries of Xuanwei, Yunnan Province

Fault: Many smelteries of Xuanwei did not go through environmental procedures for small furnaces in violation of national industrial policies. In Apr. 2008 Yuannan Provincial EPB issued documents twice, urging local government to shut down the business immediately. By Nov. 2008, 5 companies had still continued production against law. Another 17 had not been demolished though they were shut down, so resuming production was possible at any time.

Rectification requirement: Xuanwei municipal government will be ordered to shut down 22 small smelteries immediately. Related personnel will be investigated on their performance and prosecuted by law if found guilty.

4. Illegal Production of Suining Oil Refinery, Sichuan Province

Fault: 7 companies were found to use indigenous method to refine oil against law including Shimen Industrial Fuel Processing Plant, Daying County, Suning City, Youzhang Industrial Fuel Plant of Daying County, Tengfa Industrial Fuel Plant of Daying County, Baofan Industrial Fuel Chemical Plant of Pengxi County, Industrial Fuel Plant (Chuanshan Dist.) of Suning Service Station for the Handicapped, Daying Petrochemical Plant of Sichuan Shengma Chemical Plant and Sichuan Xingmao Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Among them 6 dealt with hazardous waste without business license. Local environmental protection departments approved environmental impact assessment and pollution discharge permit for 4 companies against rule, which included Daying Petrochemical Plant, Xingmao Petrochemical Plant, Industrial Fuel Plant (Chuanshan Dist.) of Suning Service Station for the Handicapped and Baofan Industrial Fuel Chemical Plant.

Rectification requirement: Suning municipal government will be urged to order companies refining oil with indigenous method to shut down or stop production immediately. Investigation will be made on delinquency concerning approval and supervision. Related personnel responsible will be sued by law.

5. Illegal Discharge of Pollutants by COFCO Xinjiang Tunhe Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch

Fault: 14 subsidiaries based in Xinjiang were found to have long discharged wastewater without treatment. These companies include Qitai Sugar Co., Changji Sugar Co., E’min Sugar Co., Shawan Tomato Products Co., Shihezi Tomato Products Co., Kuitun Tomato Products Co., Wusu Tomato Products Co., Jimusa’er Tomato Products Co., Bohu Tomato Products Co., Heshuo Tomato Products Co., Changji Fruit & Vegetable Co., Akesu Fruit Co., Hetian Fruit Co. and Yingjisha Fruit Co.

Rectification requirement: The 14 subsidiaries without sewage treatment facilities will be investigated and punished by law. Personnel responsible of the Xinjiang Branch, COFCO Xinjiang Tunhe Co., Ltd. will be prosecuted in accordance with law. 

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