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MEE announces a document on further strengthening the ecological and environmental regulation and compliance inspection
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MEE printed and distributed the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Ecological and Environmental Regulation and Compliance Inspection lately, in an effort to implement the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, deepen the reforms on streamlining administration, delegating powers, strengthening regulation and improving services, and step up and be creative in the ecological and environmental regulation and compliance inspection.  

The document noted that positive progress has been made in the environmental regulation and compliance inspection over the past few years, with the concerted efforts of the local areas and departments. However, some of the enterprises still break the laws and regulations and pollute the environment. Therefore, it is imperative to earnestly tighten the ecological and environmental regulation and compliance inspection and be creative in doing so, put a stop to the long-term illegal pollution activities, urge the industry to take the main responsibility for ecological and environmental protection, and make the environmental compliance a normal.  

To this end, the following aspects are essential. First, we will urge the chief executives of the enterprises, the critical minority, to take the major responsibilities for ecological and environmental protection.  

Second, we will launch random inspections on common enterprises and canvass the key enterprises.  

Third, we will leverage technological tools to identify incompliances. We will proceed with the “Telescope Program” and extend the hot grid regulation to cover Fenhe-Weihe Plain and the Yangtze River delta. We will quicken the pace to establish a sound real-time automatic monitoring system of pollution sources, set up a big-data platform and make the “internet+regulation” more relevant, science-based, and efficient.  

Fourth, we will introduce an early warning system with regard to the public concerns. The Ministry is going to send early warning letters every month to the people’s governments of the cities concerned, and make public the list of problems and investigation results on its official website, and Weibo and WeChat accounts.  

Fifth, we will mobilize resources to handle major cases. We will maintain a tough stance, punish deliberate law-breaking activities, and went after habitual offenders, data fraud, and false rectifications.  

Sixth, the municipal ecological and environmental departments will make a list of powers and a list of responsibilities, and make public the lists, the departments’ functions, compliance inspection basis and standards, protocols, supervisory channels, and accountability mechanisms, so as to perform their duties strictly by law.