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Circular on Adjusting Several Provisions on the Standards on the Elimination of Outdated Automobiles

(Jointly issued by the State Economic and  Trade Commission, the State Development Planning Commission, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Environmental Protection Administration on Dec. 18th, 2000)

In order to encourage technical progress, save resources and stimulate automobile consumption, now we decide to adjust the phased out standards for the limited number of using years and deferment transaction of non-commercial passenger cars and tourist passenger cars in the automobile phased out standards which were formulated in 1997:

1. Using-year number of non-commercial passenger cars (including saloon cars, contain off-road type) with seat number below 9 (contain 9 seats) is 15 years;

2. Using-year number of tourist passenger cars and non-commercial passenger cars with seat number over 9 is 10 years;

3. If cars mentioned above have reached their limited number of using years but still want to be used, they must undergo strict tests according to related regulations of the state on automobile safety and emissions, and the using years can be extended. But the limited number of prolonged using years of tourist passenger cars and non-commercial passenger could not exceed 10 years.

4. For automobiles whose limited number of years has been extended, the number of tests should be increased according to regulations of public security traffic administration and environment protection department. In case of failing to pass the test on three occasions within a test period in succession, registration of the cars should be canceled and the cars are not allowed to set out on a journey.

5. For non-commercial cars transferred from commercial cars or commercial cars transferred from non-commercial cars, they should be phased out according to regulations on commercial cars. 


6. Contents not adjusted in this notice and automobiles of other types (including right-steer vehicles) should still be executed according to departments such as the State Economic and Trade Commission A Circular on Issuing Standards for Phasing out of Automobiles  (Guo Jing Mao Jing [1997] No.456) and A Circular on Adjusting Phase out Standards for Light Trucks (Guo Jing Mao Jing [1998] No.407).

7. The so-called non-commercial passenger cars in this notice refer to: passenger cars which are used by units or individuals themselves and are not used for acquiring transport profits; tourist passenger cars refer to: self-used passenger cars belonging to travel agencies authorized by the tourist administrations at all levels, which are specialized for tourists transportation.

8. This Circular will take effect from the date of its promulgation.


(This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

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