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Circular on Related Issues Concerning Installing Pollution Control Products on Motor Vehicles

(Promulgated by the General Office of the State Environmental Protection Administration on July 3, 1998)

Pollutant discharged by vehicles has drawn attention from all circles of society. Pollution controlling is being strengthened in succession, and measures have been taken to install purification devices for vehicles that exceed pollutant discharge standard. To guide and standardize the use of pollution-control products on vehicles, note the following:


I. The production pattern of pollution-control products for vehicles shall be inspected and managed in accordance with the Measures on Sper viion of Exhaust Pollution from Awtomobiles (No. 359 [90] of Huan Guan Zi), issued by six ministries and commissions, including the original National Environmental Protection Agency.

II. Certification shall be made for vehicle pollution-control products, in line with the stipulations of the Interim Measures for the  Certification Management of Environmental Protection Products (No. 251 [1997] of Huan Ke) issued by the original National Environmental Protection Agency.

Local environmental protection departments shall not make redundant certification for the products listed in the category that has been identified by the State-level institutions.


III. Environmental protection departments shall not advocate using a certain product while popularizing the use of pollution-control products for vehicles.

IV. Environmental protection departments should, in conjunction with managerial departments of vehicle maintenance, certify maintenance units that treat vehicle exhaust pollution, and conduct technical training on pollution control for maintenance workers.

V. Environmental protection departments shall require producers of pollution-control products to provide truthfully for users information about the properties of the products, such as conditions of use and installation, appropriate car modals and circumstances, purification results, operation life, matters requiring attention in use and maintenance, and relevant quality guarantees for use and maintenance.

VI. Quality follow-ups shall be conducted with the exhaust pollution controlling products in use. Products that do not meet the standard under normal use and within effective time shall be reported to the State Environmental Protection Administration in time, so as to cancel their qualification.

(This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

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