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Environmental quality risk assessment criteria for soil at manufacturing facilities

The current criteria is formulated for the purpose of assessing the risk of the workers in industrial enterprise (manufacturing facilities) or communities in vicinity of industrial enterprises, the soil and groundwater pollution within the boundary of industrial enterprises as well as the risk of the hazard by soil pollution resulting from the production of industrial production activities. The current criteria uses risk assessment method to identify the baseline value. It identified two sets of criteria: soil criteria direct contact and soil criteria transfer to groundwater. Soil criteria direct contact is applicable to the protection of the workers who accidentally intake or his skin exposes to the soil during the production activities of industrial enterprises. Soil criteria transfer to groundwater is applicable to ensuring no threats to drinking water sources under the soil within the boundary of manufacturing facilities resulting from chemical leachates. If the groundwater resource under manufacturing facilities now is or will be drinking water source in the future, the soil criteria transfer to groundwater shall be complied with. Otherwise direct contact soil criteria shall be observed. The current Criteria is issued for the first time and put into effect as from August 1, 1999.

Environmental quality risk assessment criteria for soil at manufacturing facilities (HJ/T 25-1999)

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