Report On the State of the Environment In China
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The 2002 Report on The State of The Environment is issued according to the relevant provisions in the Law of Environmental Protection of The People’s Republic of China and a decision adopted on May 29, 2003, by The Board of Ministers of The State Environmental Protection Administration of China.


Xie Zhenhua
State Environmental Protection Administration
May 30, 2003


Member Departments
Participating in the Compilation of 2002 Report 

Coordinating Department: State Environmental Protection Administration
Member Departments: Ministry of Land Resources
Ministry of Construction
Ministry of Water Resources
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Health
State Statistics Bureau
State Forestry Administration
State Oceanic Administration
China Meteorological Administration 
China Seismological Administration


Note: The national data in this Report does not cover the data from Taiwan Province, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administration Regions, except for the data of administrative territory, land area, forest resources and earthquakes. 

Contact: Environmental Information Center (SEPA)
Postal Address: No1 Yuhuinanlu, Chaoyang, Beijing 100029, China

Water Environment

Marine Environment

Atmospheric Environment

Acoustic Environment

Solid Wastes

Radiative Environment

Arable Land / Land Resources



Climate and Natural Disasters

Environmental Management