Report On the State of the Environment In China
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Solid Wastes


The total generation of industrial solid wastes in China was 950 million tons in 2002, an increase of 6.5% than that in the previous year. The discharge amount of industrial solid wastes was 26.352 million tons, 8.9% less than that in the previous year. The amount of industrial solid wastes for comprehensive utilization was 500 million tons at a comprehensive utilization rate of 52.0%, which was equivalent to that in the previous year. The amount of hazardous wastes generation was 10 million tons.

The cleared and transported domestic wastes in China were 136.38 million tons, 1.2% more than that in the previous year. Among which, 74.04 million tons were disposed in line with environmentally sound management, 5.6% less than that in the previous year. The treatment rate of domestic garbage was 54.3%.

Measures and Action

Environmental Management of Solid Wastes Import  The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the State Customs Administration, and SEPA jointly issued the 4th and 5th batches of Inventory of Banned Products for Import, including 37 wastes categories, such as used clothes, scrap tires and their shreds, and used electromechanical facilities.

Environmental Management of Chemical Import and Export  In 2002, 2741 Environmental Management Registration Certificates were verified and issued for chemicals which were imported for the first time. So were 122 Registration Certificates for Import of Toxic Chemicals. 5417 Notices on Approval of Import (Export) of Toxic Chemicals were verified and issued, among which 4375 for import and 1042 for export. The registered amount of import was 396,000 tons and that of export was 57,000 tons.

Municipal Environmental Sanitation and Cleaning  By the end of 2002, the area of cleaned street had added up to 2134.4988 million m2, including 344.07 million m2 of machine-cleaned area, which account for 16.1% of the total, an increase of 2.3% more than that in the previous year. The amount of domestic wastes and excrement cleaned and transported was 167.98 million tons. The domestic wastes and excrement in large- and medium-sized cities were cleaned on a daily basis.

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