Report On the State of the Environment In China
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Acoustic Environment


In 2002, road traffic noise monitoring had been conducted in 325 cities, 52 more than those in the previous year. The ratios of the cities with serious pollution, medium pollution, low level pollution and good acoustic environment were 4.9%, 17.2%, 64.3% and 13.6% respectively. 

Among the 47 key cities, the equivalent sound levels of 3 cities' road traffic noise exceeded 70 dB (A).

In 2002, the district noise level were measured in 319 cities, 109 more than the previous year. 3.4% of them had a serious noise pollution; 44.2% had an intermediate pollution; 48.6% had slight pollution; and 3.8% had a good acoustic environment.

Road Traffic Noise Pollution in Cities

Comparison of Equivalent Sound Levels of Road Traffic Noise in Key Cities in 2002

Statistics of Urban District Noise Pollution

Measures and Action

Banning the Blowing by Trains Running in Urban Areas of Beijing and Shanghai: Steady progresses were witnessed in preventing the railway noise. The Municipalities of Beijing and Shanghai banned the blowing by trains running in urban areas, which effectively improved the acoustic environment along the railways. 

Implementation of Quiet Community Project: SEPA compiled the indicator system of “Quiet Community” in accordance with the requirements for the establishment of “Quiet Residential Areas”, for which a workshop was held in Beijing. 

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