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Bureau of Environmental Supervision


  • Carry out routine supervisions on environmental law enforcement;
  • Organize inspections on environmental law enforcement;
  • Supervise and handle accidents as instructed by leaders and other major environmental pollution accidents, ecological damage cases, and environment infringements of major construction projects, and put forward proposals on the settlements and punishments;
  • Coordinate the environmental problems in inter-provincial and regional areas and river basins;
  • Be responsible for environmental inspection, and to guide the construction of environmental supervision teams;
  • Develop policies on the collection of pollutant discharge fees, and organize the registration of pollutant discharge application and the collection of pollutant discharge fees;
  • As the focal point, provide policy guidance for Center of Environmental Emergency Response and Accident Investigation of SEPA and Environmental Protection Supervision Centers.


  • Division of General Management (66556443)
  • Division of Supervision Guidance (66556444)
  • Division of Pollutant Discharge Fees Management (66556454)
  • Division of Review and Punishments (66556461)
  • Secretary (66556435)

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