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Department of Marine Ecology and Environment
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(1) Functions 

Supervise the marine ecology and environment of China; Formulate and implement the marine ecological and environmental policies, programs and plans, zoning plans, laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, standards and specifications for the key sea areas of China; Take the leading role in the survey and assessment of marine ecology and environment; Supervise marine ecological conservation and restoration, and coordinate the integrated governance of key sea areas; Supervise the discharge of land-based pollutants into the sea and the setup of sewage outlets that discharge into the sea; Control the marine pollution by issuing permits and control the total amount of pollutant discharge in key marine areas; Protect the marine environment from pollution caused by coastal and marine engineering projects, offshore oil and gas exploration, and the dumping of waste into the sea; Review and approve the environmental impact statements of coastal and marine engineering projects; Identify dumping sites into the sea; Supervise and coordinate the ecological and environmental protection of deep sea, ocean, and polar areas; Carry out China’s role in the relevant international conventions. 

(2) Divisions 

a. Division of General Affairs 

b. Division of Marine Ecological Conservation and Environmental Quality Management 

c. Division of Integrated Governance of Sea Areas (Office of Integrated Governance of the Bohai Sea) 

d. Marine Pollution Control Division 1 

e. Marine Pollution Control Division 2