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Department of Institutional Administration and Human Resources Management
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(1) Functions 

Build the workforce and the human resources, reform the administrative institutions in the sector of ecological and environmental protection; Formulate and implement the departmental rules on the organizational structure, staffing, personnel management, salary and compensation, professional certification and evaluations for job openings; Select, appoint and evaluate the performance of the Ministry’s civil servants and the leading officials of the Ministry’s regional offices and affiliated institutions; Manage the organizational structure, staffing, salary and compensation, professional certification, evaluations for job openings, performance evaluation, the selection and dispatch of staff working, appointments for studying or training abroad, and the selection of visiting scholars for the Ministry’s departments, regional offices, and affiliated institutions; Provide guidance in building the workforce, training officials, certifying professionals and reviewing and approving vocational (practicing) qualifications; Coordinate the national commendations for ecological and environmental protection; Undertake the dual management of the leading officials in the ecological and environmental protection sector; Undertake the administrative restructuring of the ecological and environmental protection sector; Guide the institutional restructuring and human resource management in the ecological and environmental protection sector; Assist ecological and environmental protection performance evaluation of local CPC committees and government leaderships; Organize and coordinate work for comprehensively deepening reforms, functional transformations and on-site inspections.  

(2) Divisions 

a. Division of General Affairs 

b. Division of Institutional Restructuring  

c. Personnel Management Division 1 

d. Personnel Management Division 2 

e. Division of Personnel Supervision (On-site Inspection Division)  

f. Division of Human Resources and Training Program Management