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Department of General Affairs
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(1) Functions 

Take the leading role in the overall coordination of the Ministry’s ecological and environmental policies, programs and plans; Draft the ecological and environmental policies, programs and plans, and coordinate and review the programs and plans regarding specific topics; Coordinate the statistics of the ecological environment, the surveys over pollution sources, and the situational analyses of the ecological environment. Coordinate and administer controls over the total amount of pollutant emissions, proposing the names of pollutants and control the targets; Inspect efforts by local government levels to reduce pollutant emission; Carry out the target responsibility system, set forth annual targets, and formulate appraisal plans for ecological and environmental protection; Take the leading role in the economic restructuring for ecological and environmental protection; Undertake the work required for China’s Western Development Program, for the rejuvenation of old industrial bases in Northeast China and other areas, promote the ecological and environmental protection in the Xiong’an New Area, support the reform and opening-up of Hainan Province, support the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region; Conduct an annual appraisal of national ecological security and ecological progress; Carry out the daily operations of the Ministry’s advisory role.  

(2) Divisions 

a. Division of General Affairs 

b. Division of Ecological and Environmental Policies 

c. Division of Planning and Zoning 

d. Division of Statistics and Situational Analysis 

e. Division of Planning and Scheduling