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Announcement on the Collection of “China’s Ecological and Environmental Protection Mascot”
Source: Department of Communications and Education2019-12-02
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For the purposes of further disseminating the Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, as well as “making more efforts in the publicity and education of ecological civilization”, and “cultivating and popularizing the ecological culture”, as proposed in the Opinion of the State Council on Comprehensively Strengthening the Ecological and Environmental Protection and Fighting the Uphill Battle against Pollution, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) has decided to publicly collect “China’s Ecological and Environmental Protection Mascot”, in order to demonstrate and promote the ecological and environmental concepts and values, as well as the ecological culture with Chinese characteristics, through vivid and internationally acknowledged visual elements. The related details are as follows:

Ⅰ. The Organizers

This activity is hosted by the MEE and undertaken by the Center for Environmental Education and Communications, under the guidance of the Ministry’s Department of Publicity and Education.

II. The Descriptions

1. The Name: China’s Ecological and Environmental Protection Mascot

2. What we need: A vivid image or internationally-acknowledged visual symbol to embody Chinese ecological and environmental concepts, values and ecological culture.

3. The Theme: The design of the mascot shall be able to embody the connotation of Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, advocate the concepts that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, that “we should respect, conform to, and protect the nature” and that “every person protects, builds, and benefits from the environment”, and motivate the general public to “protect our natural environment in the same way as we protect our own eyes”, “uphold the harmonious coexistence of human and nature”, and “self-consciously act on the idea of building a beautiful China”.

4. The Requirements:

1) The design of the mascot shall be vividly shaped, with a distinct theme and informative massages. The mascot shall be in a personified and modern style, with artistic beauty and possibilities for further interpretation. All designs shall be original and never have been publicly published.

2) Each candidate design shall be provided with a decent and catchy name (Chinese or English).

3) The candidate design may be one drawing, or multiple drawings exhibiting different scenarios and gestures in different colors. It needs to be able to be promoted and re-produced through different forms of media, including print, stereoscopic and electronic media.

4) The candidate design shall include a clear and compact description with 500 words or less.

5) The candidate design shall be in TIF or JPG format, with source file in AI or PSD format, and a definition at or over 600*600 dpi.

III. The Target Applicants

The activity is open to Chinese and international applicants. Any natural person, legal person or other organization that is interested in the design of China’s ecological and environmental protection mascot may individually or jointly take part in this activity, in accordance with the stated requirements.

IV. The Submission of Candidate Designs

Applicants should send the candidate design along with its description to the email address:, with a subject in the format of “’The Collection of China’s Ecological and Environmental Protection Mascot’-Country or Region-Name of the Designer”, and provide the name, occupation (as well as the employer), mailing address and contact number of the designer.

Contact information:

Contact persons: Zhiqiang Jiao, Juan Xiao

Tel: +86-10-84634281-83/82

V. The Procedures

(1) Collection: From the date of announcement to December 31, 2020.

(2) Preliminary Evaluation: From April 1 to 15, 2020. During this period, the host organization will organize experts to make preliminary evaluation of the candidate designs and have those qualified publicized on media for public voting.

(3) Re-evaluation: From April 16 to 30, 2020. During this period, the list of the finalists will be determined according to the result of the public voting and the review of the experts.

(4) Public Notice: From May 1 to 31, 2020. During this period, the list of finalists will be publicized under the public supervision and then the mascot will be finally determined according to procedures. The notice will last one week.

(5) Unveiling: June 5, 2020. The MEE will unveil “China’s Ecological and Environmental Protection Mascot” on June 5, the World Environment Day, and exhibit it in celebration activities.

VI. The Awards

This activity offers awards at four levels, including one winner of Grand Prize with RMB 10,000 pre-tax reward; and twenty winners of First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize altogether. Specifically, the First Prize winner will receive RMB 3,000, the Second Prize winner RMB 2,000 and the Third Prize winner RMB 1,000 pre-tax reward. There will be awards for outstanding organization as well. Each award-winning design will get a certificate. The awards will go to the organizations of the winner applicants, and the rewards will be shared by the contributors to the winning designs at proportions decided on their own.

VII. The Use of the Mascot

After unveiling of the mascot, any one working on ecological and environmental protection welfare activities may use it free of charge. The mascot shall not be used for commercial promotions.

VIII. The Miscellaneous

(1) The candidate design shall not be a reproduction, amendment, rearrangement or deduction of the work of any other person (including but not limited to other mascots and cartoon images), or a design infringing upon any third party’s copyright, trademark, or design patent. It shall neither contain any religious or commercial information, nor go against public orders and fine customs. When any design is found with infringement behaviors like plagiary, the host organization will disqualify the applicant (organization or individual) from this activity and relevant legal liabilities shall be borne by such applicant.

(2) The award-winning designs will be considered as the work created upon the entrustment of host organization, so the host organization (including any third party acknowledged by the host organization) will be entitled, free of charge, to the copyrights (including but not limited to the property rights, neighboring rights, and derivative development rights), patents (including but not limited to the patent design applicant rights), trademarks (including but not limited to the registered trademark application rights), as well as other intellectual property rights and related rights, and derivative rights that are available worldwide and the transfer of which is not prohibited by applicable laws.

(3) The host organization has the right to exhibit, publish (including in e-format) and collect the candidate designs, and is entitled to the use of such designs in relevant activities and platforms (such as website, poster, media and publications). The applicant shall acknowledge and confirm that the host organization may use the designs submitted in this activity without indicating the name of the applicant. The original name of the chosen mascot shall not necessarily be final. The host organization shall assume no responsibility for the loss of or damage to the candidate designs caused by force majeure or other reasons irrelevant to the host organization.

(4) During the activity, the applicant shall be confidential about the application plan and related documents and information, and not disclose any of such information or document to any third party in any way, whether the candidate design is awarded or not. The applicant shall not, at any time, any place or in any way, make commercial promotions from the participation in this activity. In the collection process, the host organization reserves the right to disqualify any applicant to join the activity in case he or she violates the above-mentioned confidentiality and promotion restrictions. The host organization has the right to make claims against any applicant if his/her violation of foresaid restriction leads to any loss for the host organization.

(5) The applicant will be regarded as having agreed and accepted all the requirements for this activity as soon as the candidate design is submitted.

(6) The host organization reserves the right to the final interpretation on this activity.

Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Nov. 18, 2019