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Minister Zhou Shengxian Met with President of Asian Development Bank

On Nov. 8, SEPA Minister Zhou Shengxian met with visiting President of ADB Haruhiko Kuroda at the administration. They exchanged views on further expand cooperation in the field of environment.

Mr. Zhou welcomed Haruhiko Kuroda and briefed him on China's efforts in environmental protection. He noted that as a large and responsible developing country, the Chinese government laid much emphasis on environmental problems arising from industrialization and urbanization. Drawing upon experience home and abroad, we have made great changes in our thinking on environmental protection to adapt to the practical conditions in China. At the 6th National Conference on Environmental Protection held last year, we proposed to accelerate the realization of historic transformation in China's environmental protection cause and make it an advantage to optimize economic growth. We will also approach environmental problems from national strategic point of view, take into account of the whole production process while studying and forming environmental economic policies so as to put the enduring effect mechanism for environmental protection in place.

Zhou said, in accordance with this arrangement, the Chinese government put forward the thought of advancing environmental protection work in all-round way and tackling key problems such as water, air and soil pollution and ensuring the masses have access to safe drinking water. Since last year, the Chinese government has unveiled China's National Climate Change Program and General Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Pollutant Discharge Reduction. Various measures are now in place and positive progress made in all respects of environmental protection. Facing severe situation of water pollution, we have developed a program to rehabilitate rivers and lakes, made more efforts to ban polluting projects in river basins, improve overall quality of key lakes and water environment and control water pollution in key river basins.

Zhou said that we believe under the correction leadership of the Chinese government and with concerted efforts of all circles including SEPA, we would surely solve China's environmental problems and improve the environment. Meanwhile, we need to enhance international cooperation and learn from advanced environmental concepts and technologies to develop China's environmental protection cause. China is ready to work even closer with ADB and make win-win deals in the field of environment to promote the development of environmental cause.

Haruhiko Kuroda appreciated SEPA for its attention to cooperation with ADB and wished both sides would step up efforts to cooperate in areas like macro strategic study of environment, clean energy and energy conservation and emission reduction.

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