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19 2019/11
China solicits designs for environmental protection mascot

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said Monday it has started seeking mascot designs from all over the world to promote the country's environmental protection.

18 2019/11
China owns 2,750 natural reserves

Accounting for 15 percent of China's land territory, the 2,750 natural reserves are home to hundreds of kinds of rare and endangered animals and plants.

13 2019/11
Guangzhou wins UN sustainable development award

The representative of Guangzhou Development District (GDD) received the award from the United Nations in Geneva on Monday for its excellence in promoting sustainable investment.

12 2019/11
Paper firm probed for polluting desert reserve

Authorities in Northwest China is investigating a local paper company that had discharged waste into the Tengger Desert, one of China's largest deserts, and covered the case for 20 years due to unc...

11 2019/11
Team sent to probe pollution in desert

China's top environmental watchdog has dispatched a team to investigate a serious case of pollution on the edge of one of the country's biggest deserts.

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