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Li Ganjie meets with Finnish Minister of the Environment, Energy, and Housing
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Minister Li Ganjie met with Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, the Finnish Minister of the Environment, Energy, and Housing in Beijing on Sept. 13. The two sides exchanged views on the establishment of the Belt and Road International Alliance on Green Development, climate change, and deeper bilateral cooperation on environmental protection.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto announced in 2017 the establishment and promotion of a future-oriented new partnership between the two countries, an integral part of which is the cooperation on environmental protection and climate change, said Li. Over the past few years, the environmental departments of the two countries have maintained close ties and become major partners. He hoped that the two sides would, based on mutual benefits, continue to strengthen cooperation and dialogue and expand the areas of bilateral exchange.

Li shared the ongoing ecological and environmental protection efforts in China, especially the Belt and Road International Alliance for Green Development, which aims to incorporate the green development philosophy into the Belt and Road initiative, build more international consensuses, and encourage the participating countries to implement the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. China welcomes the Finnish role in the preparation and operation of the alliance and as an enthusiastic partner in the fields of green technological innovations, etc.

The Chinese Government highly values the climate change issue and China as a developing country has actively implemented the national climate change strategy and taken strong policy measures to meet the greenhouse gas reduction goals set out in the national economic and social development plans. China will honor its international commitments, and continue to promote the green and low-carbon development, advance the energy production and consumption revolutions, and act towards the 2020 action goals and the 2030 voluntary contributions. China is ready to work with the Finnish side to be committed to achieving the sustainable development through the adaption and mitigation of climate change.

Mr. Tiilikainen appreciated China’s achievements in the ecological and environmental sector over the past few years and said that the Finnish side has attached great importance to the bilateral environmental cooperation with China, which has been effective in recent years. He hoped that the two sides would deepen pragmatic cooperation and communications under the framework of the Belt and Road International Alliance for Green Development. Mr. Tiilikainen also shared Finland’s national strategies and concrete measures in tackling climate change and developing circular economy.