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General Office
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(1) Functions 

Take charge of the overall coordination and supervision of the Ministry’s administrative functions; Coordinate the daily operations of the Ministry, assist the minister, vice ministers and chief engineer in their official schedules; Formulate the Ministry’s regulations and rules and supervise their compliance; Schedule the Ministry’s after-hour on-call shifts and provide secretarial services for the ministerial leadership; Take charge of work related to the Ministry’s official documents and telegrams, files, confidential codes, seals and stamps, classified documents and protection, safety and security, fire protection, as well as e-government, government affairs publicity, information safety and information technology management; Organize and coordinate the general meetings on ecological and environmental protection, review and provide guidance in professional conferences planning that are attended by ministerial leadership, draft documents for the aforementioned general meetings and other important documents, reports and speeches; Review important documents, announcements and literatures; Organize and coordinate the general research and investigation programs and other major research programs on certain particular topics; Organize the compilation of information bulletins, the inspection on the administration of government affairs, the handling of public complaints by letter or by visit, the follow-up on motions and proposals by the NPC deputies and CPPCC members; Provide receptions to official activities; Prevent and handle problems with potential social risks in the environmental sector; Provide guidance in the ecological and environmental protection for the sector as a whole.  

(2) Divisions 

a. Division of General Affairs  

b. The Minister’s Office (General On-Call Office) 

c. Secretaries and Files Office (Confidentiality Office) 

d. Division of Government Affairs Publicity and Information Management 

e. Division of Research 

f. Division of Supervision on Ministerial Administration 

g. Division of Public Complaint Settlements (Office of Safety and Security)